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Art History



Recommended Resource

Homeschool Art History: Rembrandt

by EHO Staff
  • Works Online - These sites make Rembrandt's paintings available for download. Listed sites all have images you can use to make decent prints with a color inkjet printer. Many also offer prints or posters of the works for sale.
  • Information - Biographies and other useful information about Rembrandt, his work and his times.
  • Lesson Plans - art or art history lesson plans that focus on Rembrandt.
  • Books - Books and other excellent resources for learning more about Rembrandt and his work.
  • Online Videos Series of five 30 minute videos.

Works Online

Webmuseum - Paris: Rembrandt
Short biography. Paintings sorted by date with once section of self portraits.

Art Renewal Center: Rembrandt
110 images. This site allows your to sort the images by quality, latest images, title, translated title, museum, country, and state.

Artchive - Rembrandt van Rijn
Brief informational section and 37 images of various works.
The One Man Show: Rembrandt is an online gallery of paintings by Rembrandt.

CGFA - Rembrandt
47 images of Rembrandt's works available.

Olga's Gallery
192 images and a short biography

Web Gallery of Art
Sections devoted to Rembrandt's Biblical Paintings, Portraits and Self Portraits, Miscellaneous Paintings, Etchings, and Drawings.

SILS Art Image Browser - Rembrandt van Rijn
11 etchings.

ANSC 100 Image Library
7 paintings and etchings including "Christ Preaching."

Connecticut College's Wetmore Collection
Rembrandt's etchings including his Bible, portraits, genre, and landscape etchings.

The Worldwide Art Gallery
24 images which can be downloaded at 900+ x 1200+ pixel size.

Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web
An extensive listing of Rembrandt's works linked to galleries and image archives all over the world.


Rembrandt House Museum
In addition to information about the museum there is an indepth section on Rembrandt which includes discussion of a number of Rembrandt's works, an interactive timeline, geneaology, information about his pupils and followers, and a multimedia presentation of the techinique of etching.
A section titled 'Young' includes a virtual tour of Rembrant's house, information and pictures about Rembrandt's cabinet, a special room in his house where he kept items he collected, as well as several games.

The Human Condition in Rembrandt's Eyes
What is it that induced one of the greatest European masters, Rembrandt, to embark on a lifelong scrutiny of his own image? Walking through the show ''Rembrandt by Himself,'' at the National Gallery until Sept. 5, the visitor feels like a pilgrim progressing along a path at the end of which he expects to find some answers to the questions thrown at him by the most sublime pageant of self-portraits ever done by a Western artist.

Aristotle with a Bust of Homer, Rembrandt (1653)
Description and discussion of this painting.

Self-portrait, Rembrandt (c. 1663)
Description and discussion of this painting. Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt (c. 1654-60)
Description and discussion of this painting.

Rembrandt Is Still a Genius, Despite Professor's Rantings by Hilton Kramer
For no master of the Western pictorial tradition has ever equaled Rembrandt either in the sheer quantity of masterworks he produced in this genre of self-portrayal or in the exalted union of existential candor and esthetic grandeur he brought to its realization.

Rembrandt Painted Himself With Total Lack of Vanity by Hilton Kramer
It is unlikely that the arguments still circulating about Rembrandt’s motives in producing so many self-portraits—a larger number, in fact, than any other artist we judge to be important—will ever be resolved to the satisfaction of either his admirers or his critics. For the arguments about Rembrandt’s motives are, for the most part, really arguments about what it meant for an artist of his extraordinary powers to concentrate so much attention for so many years of his life on painting or otherwise depicting himself.

Rembrandt Myself
The works in this exhibit were chosen to show the development of Rembrandt's style from his early days in Leiden to his last days in Amsterdam. For this exhibit the self portraits have been divided into three sections. The paintings section contains fourteen paintings with Rembrandt alone. The scenes section has five paintings with Rembrandt in costume. The last section contains eight self portrait etchings. The site also includes a chronology and information about Rembrandt's pupils.

Analysis of Hendrickje Bathing in a River
Excerpt fromSimon Schama, "Rembrandt's Eyes".

Analysis of Bathsheba at Her Bath
Excerpt fromSimon Schama, "Rembrandt's Eyes".

Analysis of The Feast of Belshazzar
Excerpt fromSimon Schama, "Rembrandt's Eyes".

Analysis of Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer
Excerpt from "Sister Wendy's American Masterpieces":

Analysis of Jan Six
Excerpt fromSimon Schama, "Rembrandt's Eyes".

Analysis of Portrait of the Artist at His Easel
by Artchive Patron David Osako

16 images of artwork owned by the Catholic church.

Medicine at the Millenium
For the portion on Rembrandt scroll down to The Seventeenth-Century Origins of Medical Science.
When manufacturing and banking interests in European urban centers threw off the fetters of feudalism, they embraced not only the new rules of a market economy, but also an innovative way of knowing the world—"natural science," we call it today. This Cartesian science presumably reveals how the body—now construed as a marvelously intricate machine—really works, what causes it to malfunction, and what can be done by way of repair.
The beginnings of this new alliance of scientific with social authority can be observed in Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, painted in Amsterdam in 1632.

Lesson Plans

Expressive Drawing Unit Plan
This page contains several unit plans. The unit plan on Rembrandt starts on page 11 of this pdf document. Focus is on Rembrandt's Self Portrait with Mouth Open, a drawing.

Who Am I? A Look at Portraits
This art lesson can be used as an activity when studying Rembrandt's self-portraits and portraits.

Art a Facts magazine - Rembrandt lesson plan - elementary
Rembrandt lesson plan - seconday
Sample of the 4 page Art A Facts magazine available for $10 for 5 issues.

A Delicate Touch
Cross hatching with pen and ink. Uses Rembrandt's "The Pancake Woman".

Art Algorithms
Art conservation is traditionally a painstaking and time-consuming business. But the process of fixing up a damaged Da Vinci or a scarred Seurat may become a lot easier, thanks to the work of mathematicians. You'll find out why in this Science Update.

Books & Other Resources

Online Videos

Roland Collection of Films and Videos on Art
Kenneth Clark Rembrandt Series
Five highly acclaimed films which reveal the character of Rembrandt, often called the greatest artist who ever lived. They follow the course of his genius from his early, rebellious period through his successful middle age to the isolation of his late maturity. Kenneth Clark, the illustrious writer and narrator of this series, devotes the whole of the last film to Rembrandt's work as an illustrator of the Bible, which made him, some say, `the only great Protestant artist'.

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