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Time Wasters

Note: Timewasters will move from this page to the most recent annual list as we add more timewasters over the year.

At the Eclectic Homeschool Online, we take time wasting seriously. Only the very best in time wasting activities will do for the serious timewaster. Over the past few years, we've managed to compile a serious list of seriously great timewasters. Only those serious about timewasting should even attempt these seriously wasteful timewasters.

Eight Letters in Search of a Word
This is an extremely addictive game for anyone who loves finding words from scrambled letters. The difference with this game is that each level has just eight letters and there is at least one eight-letter word that can be made from the letters. You get points for every letter you use and must reach a point goal before time runs out. Every five levels you’ll have a chance to score extra points on a bonus level that requires you to get the eight-letter word to get the bonus points. The nice thing about this game is that you can walk away from it between levels and resume play.

Samorost 2
If you’ve played Samorost 1, then you’ll love this second installment. It’s a point and click, puzzle Flash game that makes you think as you work your way through the story. The animations are both beautiful and odd and accompanied by a soundtrack of music and sounds that fit the quirky style of the animations. Look for the hot spots to start your adventure.

Symmetry Lab
Use five components, a fixed point, spinner, piston, elastic string, and connector, to create machine and then play with the friction and gravity sliders to see how they affect your contraption.

Chat Noir
This is a simple game to play. You just need to keep the cat from getting to the edge of the playing area by clicking on spots to block it. I corralled the cat on my second attempt and felt quite smug in doing so, but failed on subsequent attempts. Several spaces are already blocked for you at the beginning of the game and the configuration changes each time you play.

Do you hate spreadsheets? I do. Especially when someone makes one that won’t fit on your computer screen and you have to scroll to see each line. Not that I’m any good at setting one up. I tried it once and ended up wanting to shoot my computer. So, could a game based on an Excel spreadsheet be any fun? Didn’t seem likely, but excit proves me wrong. Designed by a company that promises to help you escape spreadsheet chaos in reality, this game is really a puzzle/maze game that uses a grid made from a blank spread sheet.

Head Defence
This game requires you to use your keyboard arrow keys to bounce bombs off your head toward your opponent’s castle while keeping him from bouncing bombs at your castle. You lose when your castle is completely obliterated. I did very poorly at this game while playing on normal mode. I’d suggest starting with easy. Also, a very annoying sound track accompanies this game, so be prepared for it to start blaring.

Dungeon Escape
Help your stick figure to escape the dungeon. All you need to do is click on the spot that’s flashed at you as quickly and as accurately as possible. The line animation isn’t flashy, but it is fun to watch as your stick figure either makes it through to the next level or meets an unfortunate end. You have three lives and repeated play does make it easier to hit the correct spots.

Desk Top Tower Defense
The goal is to keep creeps, little balls from crossing your desktop. The number of creeps and their abilities varies according to the difficulty and level of play. You have $ initially to buy towers which can defend your desktop. Purchase and place towers on your desktop and start the game. If you’ve created a good defense, your towers will stop the creep attack, and you’ll earn money for each creep you stop. You can use that money to buy more towers. It’s nice that you don’t have to push buttons to do the firing.

You are test subject 15837 and must work your way through a series of test (40 levels) using your ASHPD to create portals that move you through the obstacles put in your path. It took me a bit to figure out the first scenario, but once I did, it was easier to think with portals as the game suggests.

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