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Crafts Homeschool Resources   Crafts Department Resources

Crafts articles | out and about articles
educational links
  Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool.  
  Crafts Departmental Articles  
  • A Year in Crafts
    by EHO Staff
    New crafts are added to our listings each month. Look in the current month for the very latest in crafting ideas. We list seasonal crafts and crafts that can be used any time of the year.
  • All Occasion Gift Boxes
    by Eva Stockett
    Gift boxes are practical and so easy to make. They are also economical because you can make them from a variety of materials that you might have on hand or can get free.
  • Celebrations on a Shoestring: Fall Celebrations
    by Eva Stockett
    Fall is here and so are many occasions to have friends and family over. So, what are you waiting for? Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the very idea. You may think that it will be too time consuming and costly to decorate or make accessories. Being on a limited budget doesn't have to rain on your parade or the special events in your life. By using your imagination and items that you already own, you can create a designer look that many pay handsomely for you.
  • Craft & Fun Time Recipes
    by EHO Staff
    Recipes to make all your favorite craft supplies from playdough to sidewalk chalk.
  • Creating Dollhouses From Common Materials
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Pattern pages, resources and project ideas.
  • Gifts on a Shoestring: Creative Containers Part 1
    by Eva Stockett
    Every year American households purchase consumable packaged products, which are emptied and thrown away. Rather than sending these to landfills, we can recycle these and make them into useful and practical gifts. With some paint or decorative paper, these can be transformed into charming gifts. Take a look at the potential gifts in your pantry or laundry room and try out one or more of these gift ideas.
  • Gifts on a Shoestring: Creative Containers Part 2
    by Eva Stockett
    It amazes me the number of items my family discards. It always seems a shame to throw out containers that are reliable enough to see a product to market, if they can be used to make a useful household item or gift. Try these projects and see if you can fool your family and friends. They may never know you didn't get it from the mall!
  • Holiday Gift Cards, Gift Tags and Gift Bags
    by Eva Stockett
    The holidays are coming and now is a good time to plan ahead and take stock of the resources you have available. I'm just guessing, but I'll bet that you have supplies for holiday cards and gifts that you didn't know you had. If you have stashed away old Christmas cards, calendars, wrapping paper, or plain gift bags, you just may have a jump on the holiday rush. If these items aren't thrown out, they're put in a drawer because, "they were too pretty to throw away". Well, 'Someday' is finally here and those paper goods can be retrieved to make wonderful gifts and gift wraps.
  • Kites: Build Your Own
    by EHO Staff
    Looking for a project that will give your children practice following directions, measuring and cutting, and will count as an art project? Then make your own kite.
  • May Day Baskets
    by EHO Staff
    Celebrate spring by making your own May Day baskets and delivering them to neighbors and family.
  • Picture Frame Serving Trays
    by Eva Stockett
    Picture Frames are a wonderful resource for storing and displaying photos and certificates, and are available in a variety of sizes and molding variations for a limited investment. However, there are only so many that will compliment a wall or desk and the extras are doomed to a life in an attic box. Try recycling these to make beautiful trays that will add an elegant touch to a dresser or coffee table.
  • Retail Rejects
    by Eva Stockett
    Use retail rejects, things that retailers regularly discard, to make Housewarming Welcome Mat, Southwestern Trivets, Decorator Wallpaper Photo Frames, and a vareity of other solutions to crafter's needs.
  • Scrapbooking
    by Tammy M. Cardwell
    Tammy Cardwell explains the basics of scrapbooking and how scrapbooking can enhance learning in your home.
  • Springtime Gift Giving
    by Eva Stockett
    It is spring, and the annual gift giving panic sets in. As the wedding season approaches, you realize that you will also need to consider graduation and teacher gifts. And let’s not forget Mother’s Day! These occasions combined with the usual birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers, can be overwhelming financially. By gathering supplies and planning, you will be able to make beautiful gifts for all these occasions.
  • Warm Weather Fun
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Make ice cream in a baggie or create your own sidewalk art gallery with homemade sidewalk chalk. These are two great summertime activities for warm weather fun.

Out and About - Crafts Articles on the Web

  • Top 10 Creative Travel Activities
    by Sherri Osborn Added: 9/15/2004
    Whether you travel by car, plane, or any other form of transportation, long trips can be hard on kids which means they can also be hard on the adults who try to keep the kids occupied! Here are my top picks for great ways to keep everyone occupied on long trips, everything from simple, printable travel games the entire family can play to complete travel kits.
  • Newspaper Clippings : Friend or Foe?
    by Brandie Valenzuela Added: 9/15/2004
    Most people, at some point in their life, save a newspaper clipping. Perhaps your child was the star of your local paper for a science experiment. Or, the your teen's tennis team is heading to the state finals. There are even sad events we may clip -- a national tragedy, an obituary, or details of a car accident. The reason we clip these newspaper article is because they document a period in time that for whatever reason, we want to remember. Unfortunately, many people don't consider the fact that the very article they wish to keep, is already starting to slowly deteriorate seconds after coming off the press.
  • Painting Pots with Kids
    by Rebecca Kolls Added: 9/15/2004
    Looking for an easy way to entertain the kids while having tons of fun at the same time? Well, I have a project for you. Let them paint pots for your garden! I'll show you how easy it can be for the kids to create treasured keepsakes while letting their creativity run wild

Our Latest Educational Links - Crafts

  • All Recipes
    A place to find recipes that have been entered by people from all around the world. Also has an option to enter in your ingredients and it will find recipes to match what you have. You can save your favorite recipes to your recipe box to find later.
  • The Family Homestead
    A blog written by a mom of 8 who lives in the country. Lots of ideas about cooking, home management, making your own soaps and household products, and saving money.
  • Family Fun, Activities & Craft Ideas for Kids & Holiday Printables
    Explore arts & crafts projects, after-school activities for children of all ages (toddlers, babies, preschoolers, & kids age 6 – 10), find recreation ideas for all times of the year (spring, winter, summer & fall), decorations, homemade gifts for all occasions including holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Halloween & Valentine’s Day), as well as game and toy recommendations.

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