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Computer articles | out and about articles
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  Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool.  
  Computer Departmental Articles  
  • 3-D Graphic & Animation Software for Students
    by Clay Hougland
    A terrific resource is available free to students who want to learn to create games, 3-D animation, and visual effects. Alias|Wavefront™ produces software used by companies like Dreamworks SKG, Industrial Light and Magic, Disney, and Pixar. They also have a unique program offering students a chance to use their software for free. Let's take a look at just what that means.
  • Ad Blocking
    by Clay Hougland
    Pop up ads on the Interent are annoying. They take up your time and your band width. Does ad blocking software make sense? If so, what are its drawbacks?
  • Avoiding Computer Viruses
    by Clay Hougland
    Avoiding computer viruses--it can't be done. One day despite your best efforts to avoid them you will find yourself facing an email file attachment or borrowed computer disk with a virus embedded somewhere in it. That's not to say that you will be damaged by the virus. If you're prepared for viruses, you can usually avoid being harmed by them.
  • Basic Mouse Care
    by Clay Hougland
    The lowly mouse diligently moving the cursor around your computer screen, opening files at the click of your finger, popping up menus with a right click—what a well adjusted little worker. You never know how much you come to depend on your mouse until it dies or something else goes tragically wrong with it.
  • Be Kind to Your Computer
    by Clay Hougland
    Computers, they are the tools of our time, but they can also give you a splitting headache when they don’t work quite as they should. You’ll never be able to avoid all the potential negative situations a computer can cause. As with all machinery, they will break down, they will quit, and they will turn on you if you don’t treat them with loving care. What can you do to help keep headaches to a minimum? Be nice to your computer and cover your backside for those times that being nice just doesn’t cut it.
  • Building Your Own Website
    by Clay Hougland
    Almost every internet account comes with free webspace for placing your own pages on the web. There are also a number of directories now offering free webspace. You’ve got the space. Now all you need is a little know how to create your own website. I’ve put together some of the best resources for making website creation as easy as possible.
  • Ebook Revolution
    by Tammy M. Cardwell
    Back when electronic books (AKA ebooks, e-books, eBooks, and a few other variations) made their appearance, one had to invest in expensive readers and the ebook selection was lacking, to say the least. Failing to take into account the inevitably rapid progress of technology, I did not see how ebooks would ever become practical enough for the common person to take advantage of them on a regular basis. I was wrong.
  • Fighting Spam
    by Clay Hougland
    I have two email addresses used primarily for business purposes. Both these email boxes generate so much spam that at times it becomes impossible to read my email in a timely fashion. I did some browsing online for different solutions to the problem, but just didn't feel comfortable with what I found. My chief concern was filtering out genuine email. During a recent trip to a local electronics store, I discovered a product I could feel comfortable using.
  • Firefox - Experience State of the Art Web Browsing
    by Clay Hougland
    If you haven’t upgraded your browser or considered a non-Internet Explorer browser for some time, you may be surprised at the new features you can find available from a wonderful browser called Firefox. Firefox is the latest browser from Mozilla, the people behind the Netscape browser. Over time, Netscape’s browser began suffering from bloat. Firefox is a streamlined version designed for fast efficient web browsing. It’s available free.
  • Getting Along Online for Kids and Teens
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Protecting children and teens from the evil online is rule one when dealing with children and cyberspace, but one aspect of protecting them isn’t often considered. Just as you teach the lesson that stealing is wrong when a young child takes a piece of candy from a store shelf and puts it in his pocket, so too there are things children and teens need to know about cyberspace to keep them from crossing boundaries of good manners or even the law.
  • Homeschooling with Your Computer
    by Clay Hougland
    One of the most frequent requests I receive from those who are considering homeschooling their children is one for information about homeschooling with your computer.
  • Jumping on the E-reader/Tablet Bandwagon
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    As the happy owner of both a Kindle 2 and a Motorola Xoom Tablet, let me share why I have both and the way each functions, so you can make a decision about which will work best for you. The latest Kindles come in a variety of configurations all the way from bare bones and very affordable to the Kindle Fire, which is more of a tablet and most expensive. The Xoom is just one of a number of tablets now available based on the Android platform.
  • Learning to Use Business Software
    by Clay Hougland
    When we purchase new computers, they come loaded with software and goodies galore. It is wonderful to own sophisticated desktop publishing or database software, but a real pity when it is not fully used because of the time commitment and steep learning curve required to master anything but a basic use. As parents we may never find the time to spend learning how to use WordPerfect 11 or Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 in depth. That should not stop us from finding ways to help our children explore these programs and become expert users.
  • Online Learning Opportunities
    by Clay Hougland
    A variety of online learning models are being marketed today. Traditional classes with set periods of time for course completion are still the norm. However, some online educational websites are turning to a different model aimed at those that desire to work at their own pace. These websites offer a set fee for access to all the materials on their site for a set period of time one month, three months, a year. Several sites also offer completely free tutorials.
  • The Nook, from Barnes and Noble
    by Jean Hall
    The Nook -- a would-be convenience that soon became an essential in this homeschool.
  • The Perils of P2P File Sharing
    by Clay Hougland
    If you are using peer to peer (P2P) file sharing programs to share music files, pictures and such, you may be sharing more than you know online, and that’s just one problem common to file sharing programs.
  • Time Wasters 2005
    by Clay Hougland
    Again, for 2005 we’ve put together a great selection of time wasters. These are websites where you can play games, discover astoundingly superfluous knowledge, and generally spend many happy hours wasting time.

Out and About - Computer Articles on the Web

  • An Open Source Life
    by Elizabeth Sterling Added: 6/27/2006
    Using open source computer software is an opportunity to save money, learn more and take an active role in deciding what you want or need a computer for. Getting the software for free is a huge bonus. Learning how to play with the code to customize software for your particular needs is just the icing on the cake. Let's take a look at how you can cut back on your computer expenses and increase your computing power with a Linux operating system.
  • Get Organised! Part 2: Searching the World Wide Web
    by Terry Freedman Added: 9/15/2004
    You can save a great deal of time by understanding the way search engines “think”. In fact, because they all work in slightly different ways, you will probably want to use the Advanced options in your preferred Search engine. The following notes are intended to give you general guidance only.
  • Get Organised Part 4: Organising files
    by Terry Freedman Added: 9/15/2004
    Organize your graphics files, organize your favorites or bookmarks, and organize your programs.
  • The Adventure
    by Joanna Kramer Added: 9/15/2004
    The inspiring story of one teenager's journey that led to the creation of a wonderful commercial software product.

Our Latest Educational Links - Computer

  • Greeting Card design
    Create your own printable Birthday Cards with attractive looks and colorful designs using our simple to use economic freeware available for installation on
  • Webwise
    The BBC's free course teaching you everything you need to know about the internet.
  • Web Monkey
    A web developer's resource site. Tutorials on everything a beginning web developer needs. Move from beginners to builders to masters.

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