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Unit Study Homeschool Resources   Unit Study Department Resources

Unit Study articles | out and about articles
educational links | unit studies
  Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool.  
  Unit Study Departmental Articles  
  • Beyond Pudding: How Expectations Make the Education
    by Lisa Tiffin
    One of the reasons we chose to homeschool is that we feel schools today are not challenging the minds of the young people entrusted to their care. It seems to me that expectations have been lowered to such a point that, while inclusive of every possible learner, have nevertheless lowered both the level of learning and the self-esteem of the learner. We learned over the summer that the more we expected from and the more we challenged our boys, the more they learned.
  • Creating a Media Rich Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Certain unit study topics lend themselves to multi-media presentation. These can be very easy unit studies to pull together when the right media resources are found. A video series, computer software, and online resources can be the means to an inexpensive but sophisticated unit study.
  • Creating Your Own Physical Geography Units with Quick and Easy Resources
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Physical geography is an earth science that really incorporates knowledge from many other topics in science. It is the study of the earthís surface including things like rivers, volcanoes, and landforms, but because the study of the earth touches on so many areas of science, youíll find yourself learning aspects of geology, biology, oceanography, and meteorology and more.
  • Creating Your Own Unit Studies
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    With just a few resources you can put together your own units and track what topics you have covered through the years. The biggest fear of those who are debating about using the unit study method is fear of leaving something out. Iíve found three ways to deal with this fear.
  • Finding the Perfect Video for Your Homeschool Lessons
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Weíre posting a number of video reviews with the October 1, 2005 update, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to discuss how to find a video to go with your studies.
  • Graphics Organizers: A Helpful Tool for Unit Study Learning
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Graphic organizers can be used to help your children organize their thinking in any field of study. They can help a child plan the parts of an essay, compare and contrast ideas in science and social studies, or graph results from data in science and math. We have provided a variety of the most common graphic organizers and information on how to obtain more advanced or specialized graphic organizers.
  • Hand-Bound Travel Journals
    by Paula Jo Green
    Record your vacation highlights in these easy to make travel journals.
  • How to Pull a Unit Study Together Quickly: Dogs
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    A friend (I'll call her Abby) wanted to take a trial run homeschooling her youngest daughter. Abby needed to quickly pull together a unit study that could focus on skills her daughter needed to shore up and act as a carrot for homeschooling at the same time. Her daughter likes dogs, so we put together a unit study on dogs.
  • Journaling the Seasons
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    When my children were younger, we would spend time on our walks outdoors looking for signs of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Especially as the bitterly cold days of winter began to freshen with the first warm breezes of spring, we would look for signs that we could soon hang up our overcoats and pack away our mittens. The first sighting of a robin stalking worms or the bright yellow beaks of starlings as they squawked outside our window were welcome sights and sounds. On our spring walks we would look for buds on the trees and bushes, crocuses or other early spring flowering bulbs in our neighbors flower patches, and birds building nests in the trees.
  • Lasting Memories
    by Tammy M. Cardwell
    Can you see yourself in this picture? Your family just completed the unit study of your dreams. Youíre at the end, and youíre thinking there must be more. What can you do with all of the fabulous projects, the stack of photos, and your memories of the fun?
  • Mini Units
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    If youíve homeschooled for even one year, you will remember what it was like when you hit the mid-winter slump. Perhaps youíve spent too much time indoors because of bad weather, or you just need a break from routine. Whatever the cause, you just want to do something different.
  • Museums and Learning: A Guide for Family Visits
    by Wilma Prudhum Greene
    Housing rare collections and treasures of all sorts, museums have the ability to inspire and amaze us. As keepers of our cultural history, museums preserve the memories of different cultures and individuals, their handmade objectsóartifacts, inventions, art works, and historical documents. As custodians of our past, museums through their collections and exhibits invite us to become part of our history, while at the same time helping us to understand our future better.
  • Organizing Your Own Unit Studies
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Each unit study creator has their own idea of how to go about setting up a unit study. Some prefer to free flow their units. Others like to be highly organized. We've put together a variety of forms which you can select and use to create your own unit study.
  • Pet Projects
    by Beth Waltman
    Beth shares how family pets can add a great deal to your homeschooling efforts.
  • Pulling Together Resources for High School History Unit Studies
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Nothing says that you canít do unit studies during your childís high school years. Sure you want to cover the bases to create a successful college application, but you donít have to do that by sticking to textbook curriculum. Creative unit studies can be made to serve as textbook replacements for many of the typical high school credit classes.
  • Social Studies Unit Studies on the Web
    by EHO Staff
    A short list of other social studies unit studies available on the Internet.
  • The Card Games of Jane Austen
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Have you ever imagined yourself inhabiting a Jane Austen novel? What would it be like to sit down at the card table with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett?
  • Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    by Robin McDonald
    How do you tie together animal rescue, homeschool unit studies, dyslexia, and television production? Would you believe Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? The McDonald family is now among the multitude of people shouting, "Move that bus!" with Ty Pennington, host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. After attending two days of building and shooting for an upcoming edition of the show, if I wasn't already an Extreme Makeover fan before, I was sold after taking my children to watch the television production in progress.
  • Unit Studies Using Art as the Thread
    by Sharon Jeffus
    When we give students brief encounters with art and teach it as a separate subject, we miss the opportunity of teaching by doing art to enforce the core. If we include science principles with art projects; history principles with art projects; geography principles with art projects; English principles with art projects; we end up teaching important art basics and having our core curriculum become sheer delight for kinesthetic and visual learners.

Out and About - Unit Study Articles on the Web

  • Head for the Ocean
    by Amanda Bennett Added: 3/15/2005
    The ocean was the topic of the very first unit study that I attempted because it was just a short walk from our door and the children were enamored by the beach and the water. They have always been so curious about the things we would find or see on the beach. Using a scope and sequence, I could also see that the older children needed to cover several of the items that related to the ocean in their current level of study. I had a new baby with severe colic that was soothed by long beach walks, two fascinated and eager students anxious to leave textbooks and busywork behind, and a huge field trip arena at our doorstep - the Atlantic Ocean!
  • Learning Success with Unit Studies and More
    by Jane Boswell Added: 8/15/2004
    "Unit Studies", "Project Studies" or "Integrated Learning" - whatever it's called, this method takes advantage of the child's natural curiousity and works with the natural learning processes to produce real education that's also fun! This approach integrates several subjects and skill areas while focusing on a central theme.
  • Home Schooling With Frugal Unit Studies
    by Nannette Gilbert Added: 8/15/2004
    Unit studies are both a fun and frugal way to homeschool your children. Unit studies are theme-based or one topic ideas studied thoroughly using art, literature, music, social studies, science and sometimes even math. Unit studies allow you to use your library, community resources, the Internet, and a minimum of supplies to enable your children to learn in a fun and relaxed way.

Our Latest Educational Links - Unit Study

  • STP Calculator
    A simple online resource for calculating speed, torque, and power. Useful for high school students learning engineering, physics, and motors.
  • Free Homeschooling Unit Studies Online
    Find online unit studies, sorted alphabetically by topic.
  • EHO Unit Study Department
    Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool. Extensive list of topics in a unit studies resources series of articles. Unit Study forms and planning articles.

Unit Studies

  • American Revolutionary War Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    The wealth of online information about the American War of Independence makes this topic one of the easiest to create a low-cost unit study. Listed resources includes informational websites, timelines and timeline resources, online activities, lesson plans, history channel links, fiction and non-fiction books, and videos.
  • Amphibians Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Nature studies provide an excellent opportunity to do hands-on science. The topic of amphibians is especially replete with interesting things to do whether you want to do it hands-on or not. You can dissect a frog virtually or in real life. You can study metamorphosis by reading a book and watching videos or by raising tadpoles yourself. Discover a salamanderís habitat by reading The Salamander Room or visit the zoo to see salamanderís in person. The resources we have provided with this unit will allow you to explore amphibians at your own pace and at your own level of intricacy.
  • Apples Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    If you're looking to try creating your own unit study, apples is a great topic for a first time, primary age unit study. Easy because there are so many resources already available that you can quickly pull together your unit study and spend little if any money in the process. Includes one possible two week unit study created from the resources listed.
  • Architecture Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    The study of architecture can be and often is sprinkled into any good history or humanities course. For those who find a love for it, architecture makes a perfect topic for a unit study that can be focused in the direction most pleasing to the student. Whether you want to pursue the technical aspects of architecture such as drafting or construction, to study architecture from an art perspective, or to study how architecture played a role in history we have online resources, projects, lesson plans, books, videos, and hands-on resources to tailor your unit study to your interests.
  • Backyard Birding
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Attracting birds to your backyard is as easy as putting up the right bird feeder with the type of seed that attracts the kind of birds you want to watch. From inspiration to information, this unit study resources article will provide you with the basics for starting your own backyard bird watching program.
  • Ballet Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Dance is an exhilarating experience whether you are a participant or an observer. The romantic music of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake coupled with graceful dancers and beautiful costumes and sets is a recipe for a magic afternoon or evening.
  • Botany Unit Study Resources
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    If you are a family of gardeners or even farmers, then the study of plants, botany, is likely to be one of your choices for high school science studies. Finding resources to study botany isnít as easy as you might think. Sure, thereís plenty of gardening books for kids and adults, but actual botany, the science, resources arenít as easily come by, especially if you are looking for something that hasnít been infused with evolution. See what weíve managed to find.
  • Bubbles Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Unit studies can be built entirely around the questions inspired by a particular topic. Bubbles is a good example. Spend time blowing bubbles with your children asking what they wonder about bubbles. The questions that pour out can be the basis for a week or two spend exploring bubbles.
  • Civil War Studies
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    During the period of our nationís founding, the foundations of our country, who we are and how we do things, was laid. Despite a firm foundation, there were issues that arose afterwards that could have set this nation on a quite different path. We might have been two nations. The Civil War was fought for complex reasons, but the issue of slavery became the confluence for all these reasons. Monumental changes occurred during the war years, and study of that period informs our understanding of who we are as a nation no less than study of our early years.
  • Compassion Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    If you have never used a character quality as a topic for a unit study, you may think doing so will cause you to neglect academics. Although science or social studies may not play as important a role in a character study unit, they can find a place. The goal of a character quality unit is not to impart new academic knowledge, but to learn more about God's ways and to search our lives and our family life for ways we can develop a particular character quality more fully. While working towards that goal all of the various academic skills, reading, writing, thinking, organizing, will be used.
  • Cows Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    It always amazes me how much learning can come from an ordinary subjects like cows. Often we feel that our unit studies must cover an important educational subject, a period of history or area of scientific study. But the common things of life are rich in educational value. Iíve chosen the topic cows to demonstrate this point.
  • Creating Literature Based Unit Studies - Horatio Hornblower
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Classic children's literature can inspire exploration in science, history, geography, and the arts. We offer the following unit study on the novel Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by CS Forester.
  • Creation Science Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    This study is focused primarily on elementary and middle school students, and so rather than major on evolution vs. creation science we'll focus on how a Christian should respond to the intricate details of God's creation of the universe. Yes, we'll give you the resources to help your children understand the differences between the theory of evolution and creation science theories. You'll also find resources to help your children develop a sense of awe and wonder at God's great creative power and a deeply felt gratitude for all that He has provided for us.
  • Design Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    We're usually not aware of good design. When we purchase a couch or chair because it is comfortable, we rarely think about the design process that went into making it comfortable. We're most likely to notice design when something is poorly designed. What are the elements of good design? What is the process used by a good designer?
  • Economics Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Iíve come to believe that the reason politicians can get away with making grandiose promises about economic prosperity or falsely denigrating the oppositionís position on taxes or other economic issues is that Americans by and large do not understand even basic economics. I canít say that my economics education was very thorough, but as you read through the list of economic concepts for elementary age students, you will most likely recognize and understand the terms that are used.
  • Elections Unit Study Resources & Reference Information
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Whether you plan an actual unit study on the topic of elections or need a handy place to look up answers to the questions your children may ask as the national elections draw near, the resources in the study will help you keep on top of the latest information.
  • Exploration Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Exploration is a topic that can take you in many directions. You can easily incorporate science, history, and geography. In this Unit Study, we have included a variety of resources covering six sub-topics. Within each sub-topic you will find fiction and nonfiction books, as well as picture books, links to information and curricular websites carefully selected to represent the very best available on the Internet, and a variety of other useful resources such as software, videos and hands-on learning kits.
  • Flight Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Taking wing like a wild goose flying high over ripened fields or soaring like a rocket bursting through the air in an explosion of power, flight is something that all children can enjoy discovering
  • Fossils Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    In the past our family has studied creation and evolution, but we never took an in depth look at fossils specifically. Itís fascinating to learn about the different types of fossils from coprolites (fossilized dung) to insects frozen in amber. Fossils are an interesting record of plant and animal life in prehistoric times.
  • Geometry Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Math topics are not often considered fodder for unit studies. Most people have a figure or number oriented view of mathematics. They think in terms of number sentences, problems and formulas. From that point of view it can be difficult to see all the possibilities for language, history and science study that can be found in a mathematical topic. Naturally visual, geometry works well as a first mathematical unit study.
  • Government Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    When approaching the study of US government it's very easy to fall into a stale textbook approach defining the three branches of government, memorizing the officials currently in office and reviewing the election process. It's a real pity to reduce this fascinating area of study into dry crusts when the day to day workings of our government can be so absorbing.
  • Gross Things Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    I knew this book would be a hit with my youngest son, but I didnít realize how big a hit. I showed it to Ian one day, but didnít get too much of a response. A little while later he and his friend were sitting on the couch chortling with glee over the pages. What book would happily engross two young boys? Engross is the key wordóGross Anatomy: An Off-Color Coloring Book.
  • Grouchy Ladybug - Literature Based Unit Study
    by Carolyn Wilson
    This primary grade unit study demonstrates the wide variety of activities that a picture book can lead to in a literature based unit study.
  • History of Christianity Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    It is estimated there are over two billion Christians in the world today, and Christianity continues to grow especially in Africa and South America. Christianity began as a sect of Judaism whose followers believed that Jesus Christ was the Jewish messiah. The student of Christian history seeks to answer the questions of who Jesus was, what his purpose was, and whether he achieved that purpose especially as it relates to the doctrines and institutions of the Christian church.
  • History of Math Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Although we may think of them as nerds fiddling with their calculators or talking in incomprehensible terms, mathematicians throughout history have made important contributions to the progress mankind has made. Without mathematicians we would not be able to build tall buildings, visit the moon, or email one another on our computers. History buffs and the mathematically inclined will both enjoy the broad scope of the history of mathematics. Ideally this study should be used with upper level students who have at least a beginning understanding of algebra. How Math Works by Carol Vorderman makes many of the topics accessible to younger students.
  • Homeschooling in the Kitchen
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    You'll often hear homeschoolers talk about how there are so many things a child can learn from the every day activities that go on in the kitchen. Using measuring cups and spoons to teach about fractions immediately springs to mind, but would you believe that you could easily spend an entire year on 'kitchen studies' and do so much more than just cook? As I started to do the research for this article, I didn't realize all the avenues one could wander down if you wanted all your studies to center around the kitchen. I've put together a list of places you could go, and with the additional resource lists, I'm sure you will find many more little side streets to tempt you into new paths.
  • Ianís Insects
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    How is an invasion like a unit study? When it involves insects. It may be hard to pause from your extermination plans to latch on to the learning opportunity when crickets or roaches move in to your home, but the next time insects invade your life, consider the possibilities.
  • Mammals Unit Study Resources
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Books, software, videos, and websites to use in creating your own unit study mammals.
  • Matter Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Ever tried to describe something to someone that they have never seen? How about describing something to someone that you have never seen? That's the position I found myself in when beginning our study of matter. As we began reading about atoms and molecules my daughter wanted to know how scientists know all these things if you can't see them.
  • Microscopes Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Online resources for learning to use the microscope, lesson plans, tips and sources for buying microscopes, and resources for learning with microscopes.
  • Missions and Missionaries Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Not all are able to make a missions trip for a variety of reasons, but that shouldnít keep families from receiving the blessings that missions work can bring. A missions unit study can introduce your family to a life long love of a particular nation or people.
  • Moon Unit Study Resources
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    A study of the Moon is a perfect introductory science unit study for primary grade children and offers an easier topic to explore if you have older children studying other aspects of astronomy. Beverly Krueger shares how she explored the Moon with her children.
  • Ocean Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    There are a number of different graphic organizers that can be used to help in creating your unit studies. A web is particularly good for developing a unit study. You begin with your core topic. In this case we are using oceans as our core topic. The idea is then to spend time brainstorming to see what sub-topics you can come up with.
  • Pets and Vets Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    I grew up with a chinchilla ranch in the basement, a cat, gerbils, and assorted dogs. After setting up housekeeping with my husband we soon added a cat to our lives. Over the years weíve had cats, a dog, fish, gerbils, hamsters, and parakeets. Theyíve added a special dimension to our lives. Your home may be crawling, swimming or flying with furry, scaled or feathery creatures, or you may not have entered the realm of pet ownership. Either way your kids probably want to know more about their pets or potential pets.
  • Physical Science: Resources to Help You Create Your Own Curriculum
    by Beverly Krueger
    Worried about providing your children a solid science education or preparing them for high school science? Canned textbook curriculums leave you cold? You can create your own science units easily for less than you might think and provide a top-notch science education for your children. You don't need to be a scientist to do it either.
  • Ponds Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    There's nothing quite so appealing to young children as the potential for nature adventure at a small pond. Even a roadside ditch that has standing water will offer a bevy of critters from microscopic once cell creatures to crawdads. Armed with a simple fishing pole (stick, string, and hook) baited with something tempting like a chunk of spam, you, too, can catch crawdads.
  • Reptiles Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    A unit study in Reptiles is a good time to begin explaining the animal classification system to your children. The distinctions between the Class Reptilia and other Classes of Vertebrata are easy to understand. Learn more about animal classification and reptiles in particular with this collection of unit study resources.
  • Rocks and Minerals Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Early on, my oldest son became a rock hound. I used to joke that we were taking the church parking lot home one pocketful of rocks at a time. Eventually he graduated from collecting gravel to more unique specimens. His rock collection is kept in one small drawer of his dresser, but thatís one heavy drawer. Once you have collected a drawer full of rocks, you really do want to figure out what you have.
  • Simple Machines - Science Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Simple machines really are simple but profoundly useful. Theyíre the machines that man has used throughout history to do jobs that are too big for him. When we think of machines, we might think of the automobile or the printing press. Simple machines are much simpler than these machines. In fact, most complex machines are made from many simple machines. Simple machines include the incline plane, wedge, screw, pulley, lever, and wheel and axle. A simple machine requires energy to work. Originally, that energy would come from the effort of man, animals, sometimes a millstream, or the wind. Throughout manís history his understanding of simple machines has developed and grown. Today we harness the energy from coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power to provide the energy needed to make our machines run. This unit study will provide you the information and resources needed to create a simple machines unit study.
  • Thanksgiving Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    • Thanksgiving Lesson Plans
    • Thanksgiving and Fall Crafts
    • Thanksgiving Websites
    • Thanksgiving Hymns
    • Thanksgiving Books and Stories
    • Thanksgiving Videos
  • Vikings Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    We often think of the Vikings as fierce warriors swooping down on coastal communities in their longships, plundering and striking fear in the hearts of their peace loving neighbors. But is this image correct? The Vikings did raid throughout Europe but they were also international traders trading as far away as Istanbul and founding trading cities in Scandinavia, Ireland and England.
  • World War II Unit Study
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    There are abundant resources for studying World War II online. Whether you are a military history buff, a high school student looking to supplement your world history or American history studies, or a homeschool mom creating your own World War II unit study for your younger children, you won't need to look far to get detailed resources suited to your purposes.

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