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Curriculum Helps articles | out and about articles
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  Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool.  
  Curriculum Helps Departmental Articles  
  • Christmas Goodies for Your Family
    by EHO Staff
    Storybooks, units with lapbooks, Christmas music, coloring books and much more in our Christmas freebies for 2009 freebie palooza!
  • Daily Planning Resources
    by EHO Staff
    Resources, forms, and more to help you with your daily lesson and curriculum planning.
  • Decision Time
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    It's decision time for many homeschool families. The curriculum fair has come and gone. Homeschool catalogs have been pored over. Product reviews have been read. Now it's decision time. Which math program am I going to purchase for my reluctant daughter? Is there anything that will motivate my teenage son to do more than sleep, eat, and play video games?
  • Extra Stuff for Your Homeschool
    by EHO Staff
    If you’re like me, you’re always looking for extra stuff for your homeschool. Cool things, free resources, and great ways of doing things…it’s all good. We’ve put together a list of extras you may want to get for your homeschool.
  • First Steps to Planning Your Curriculum
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    What is the key to choosing the right curriculum for your home and your child? Are there things you can do that will put you on the right track?
  • Games and Gaming
    by EHO Staff
    Games can be educational, but they should always be fun. We've listed some resources for online game play, educational game play, learning about video gaming, and a highly recommended site for discovering new and innovative board games.
  • Games in the “Classroom”
    by Tammy M. Cardwell
    It’s easy to invest all of your time, efforts, and finances in “real curriculum,” but often the best “curriculum” is one that doesn’t appear to be educational – a toy or a game that either teaches or reinforces learning on the sly.
  • Getting Physically Fit with the President’s Challenge
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    The President’s Challenge offers a series of programs that can get your basic couch potato on the path to a more active lifestyle to winning the gold medal in the Presidential Champions program. These programs are available to kids, teens, and adults and can be done on an individual basis. There are also two programs designed for educators which homeschoolers can use in their support groups or co-ops. The programs provide downloadable resources to help implement them and a variety of items like t-shirts and stickers to get your kids excited about getting physically fit. Awards including patches, certificates and medals are all reasonably priced.
  • Homeschool Conventions: Tips Before You Go
    by EHO Staff
    f you've ever felt overwhelmed by the wealth of workshops, keynote addresses, and resources for sale or conversely felt so giddy that you just had to buy, buy, buy, these tips for staying on track should help.
  • Homeschoolers Helping Hurricane Victims
    by EHO Staff
    This article includes listings of organizations that are accepting donations to aid homeschool hurricane victims or have resources available to hurricane victims.
  • Homeschooling for Free or on a Budget
    by Laura Carter
    When you're looking into ways to homeschool you can research hundreds of different curricula and styles of homeschooling. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially if you're on a tight budget. There are way to homeschool for "free" and on a low budget, but it takes a little bit more work and planning.
  • Homeschooling Scope & Sequence
    by EHO Staff
    Scope and sequence resources to assist you in planning your homeschooling curriculum.
  • Project Noah: Bringing Help and Hope
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Project Noah helps homeschool families who are in financial crisis whether that be from a natural disaster like Katrina and Rita or because of individual crisis like the death of a spouse, severe illness, or loss of income. Project Noah supplies curriculum for homeschoolers in need. Read more to see how you can help Project Noah get replacement curriculum into the hands of needy homeschoolers.
  • Stocking a Low Cost Library
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Shelf space and cost are both barriers to collecting a decent homeschool library. Most eclectic homeschoolers like to use real books, and while the library is certainly a inexpensive option, owning the books that are key elements of curriculum is the ideal we all hope to reach. Assembling a low cost library is possible as Beverly explains.
  • The Cost of Homeschooling
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    Many people interested in homeschooling are naturally concerned about how much it will cost. That's a hard question to answer because the answer depends on so many variables. We'll look at some of your options.
  • Theft by Any Other Name
    by Tammy M. Cardwell
    There is a scenario that plays out in homeschooling households all over. It begins with a homeschooling parent on a tight budget. Mom (or Dad) decides she must have a certain curriculum for her children, but it is costly. So, she develops a plan. She will purchase the curriculum, either photocopy the consumable pages or have her children do their work on notebook pages so that the book is preserved, and then she will resell the curriculum so that she can recoup some of her cost. Is this frugality or is it theft?
    First published 2/15/2005.

Out and About - Curriculum Helps Articles on the Web

  • Curriculum Dependent No More
    by Cyndy Shearer Added: 8/15/2004
    It is probably happening in your own support group. Home schooling mothers sit nervously in living rooms, around picnic tables, in church gymnasiums. Then one of them rises, clears her throat and says, "Hello, my name is Mildred. And I am a recovering curriculum dependent."
  • On Grade Levels and Curriculum
    by Lee Added: 8/15/2004
    Whether you totally embrace unschooling or just learn to relax more, I think you'll find that when you "Let go and let G-d" be in charge of what, and how, and how much, and how fast your children learn rather than on what the 'experts' in our culture tell us they need, your children will be happier, and will learn more -- not just for some stupid test then forget the information as time goes on, but truly learn and be interested in retaining and building on that information.
  • Choosing a Web-based Curriculum
    by Rob Favero Added: 8/15/2004
    As the number of Internet courses increases over the next few years, here are some questions you can ask when considering a Web-based course.

Our Latest Educational Links - Curriculum Helps

  • chemistry homework help offers school homework, help with math homework, online chemistry help, mechanical, electrical engineering, physics homework solution, computer homework, help for economics, accounting, finance & statistics homework.
  • Open Colleges' 3D brain map
    Explore the different regions of the brain in this awesome 3D interactive brain map from Open Colleges.
  • Encyclopedia of Life
    Global access to knowledge about life on Earth. Explore this site to find information about anything on Earth.


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Unit Study Articles - Curriculum Helps

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