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Special Needs Homeschool Resources   Special Needs Department Resources

Special Needs articles | out and about articles
educational links | unit studies articles
  Articles, unit studies, reviews, and resources to help you homeschool.  
  Special Needs Departmental Articles  
  • Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and Homeschooling
    by Laura Carter
    When most people think of autism, they think of the child in the corner banging his head on the wall, that can't communicate or feed himself. But that isn't always the case. There are extreme cases, but most autistic children can function somewhat normally in regular society.
  • Fighting for Her Son
    by Robin McDonald
    Recipe for success: take one very frustrated mom and one child with a hopeless situation. Add a smidgen of determination, along with a shake of prayer. What do you get? A success story encouraging to every mother of a learning disabled child, particularly those diagnosed to be unteachable in one fashion or another.
  • Head, Heart, and Hands
    by Robin McDonald
    For parents who have children with special needs, a curriculum that may prove useful is the Waldorf curriculum, or at least some parts of a Waldorf curriculum. This therapeutic method of hands-on study is extremely helpful to children with any type of learning disability, says Donna Simmons, who founded Christopherus Homeschool Resources. "The healthy rhythms, the creative play, using a curriculum that meets the child's pace, that's what Waldorf is all about," she recently said in an interview.
  • Identifying and Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    by American Institutes for Research
    You may think that your child is a little over active or disruptive, but is his behavior really a sign of ADHD? This article offers information about ADHD, how it is handled in the public school environment, and helpful tips and resources for your to explore the subject further.
  • Is Testing Right for Your Special Needs Child?
    by Robin McDonald
    Is testing right for your special needs child? Will giving your child a label help you find a solution to his condition? These controversial questions start many discussions in the "teacher's lounge" at cooperatives and other homeschooling venues. Some homeschooling experts believe that labels only hurt a child, while others believe that they name a child's condition, giving a parent a better grasp on how to help him.
  • Learning Disabilities & Special Needs Resources
    by EHO Staff
    Organizations, websites, and mailing lists dedicated to special needs homeschooling.
  • Magic Pills and Special Needs
    by Beverly S. Krueger
    We all wish from time to time that we could give our kids a grammar pill or a fractions pill. After swallowing it, they would instantly know the when, where, why, and how of whatever pill they had swallowed. Parents of children with special needs have an even greater longing for a magic pill that would make everything right.
  • Mystery, Intrigue, and Wholesome Fun From Alcazar AudioWorks
    by Robin McDonald
    If you love listening to classic books on audio CD, let us introduce you to Alcazar Audioworks. They’ve been producing audio classics since 1999 and have a particular affinity for homeschoolers and special needs students.
  • Nature Study with Your Special Needs Child
    by Robin McDonald
    I find nature studies to be one of the best ways to introduce my 10-year-old learning challenged son to science. Not only does he see nature working firsthand on our farm with our domesticated animals, he also learns to observe its wilder aspects out in the woods, when deer creep up to our yard, or when a white owl flies away as we drive home from an evening church service.
  • Nature Study with Your Special Needs Child Part 2
    by Robin McDonald
    With spring right around the corner and the weather warming up from a frosty cold to a more tolerable tepid, now's the time to take your children out for a nature walk. Enjoying nature can bring out the best of the five senses; most of all touch and taste. Children who learn kinesthetically will certainly appreciate the hands-on techniques that can be employed in learning about nature.
  • Seeing Stars: Astronomy Part 1
    by Robin McDonald
    We all know the story of Chicken Little, who ran around the woods declaring "The Sky Is Falling!" Nevertheless, when you begin teaching astronomy to your special needs child, you needn't worry. The sky will definitely NOT fall down around you!
  • Seeing Stars: Astronomy Part 2
    by Robin McDonald
    Robin finishes her series on astronomy for special needs kids by sharing some of the ways she brings science into her son's daily life and the resources she's found for creating astronomy curriculum suited just to his needs.
  • TC Two Cents-Dyslexia
    by Cynthia McDaniel
    One mom's experience with a 14 year-old dyslexic and research which helped her advance from a 3rd grade reading level at the end of 6th grade to a 9th grade reading level one year later.
  • Teaching Through the Year
    by Robin McDonald
    With a special needs child, I find that celebrating holidays all year round helps my son stay interested in his schoolwork because it opens up the opportunity for a unit study approach, giving his studies a personal meaning. In addition, it helps us identify with the tried and true traditions of the past.

Out and About - Special Needs Articles on the Web

  • Clues to Dyslexia in Early Childhood
    by Sally Shaywitz Added: 6/27/2006
    Learn about the specific signs of dyslexia in early childhood. Both weaknesses and strengths, in any one individual will vary according to the age and educational level of that person.
  • Clues to Dyslexia from Second Grade On
    by Sally Shaywitz Added: 6/27/2006
    Find out how the specific signs of dyslexia, both weaknesses and strengths, in any one individual will vary according to the age and educational level of that person.
  • Scientists propose cure for dyslexia
    by American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference Added: 5/31/2005
    New research in the United States has suggested that the brains of dyslexics can be “jump-started” with an intense three-week course of training.
  • Spelling out success in reading
    by Added: 5/31/2005
    MPs have said there should be more investigation of a reading scheme called synthetic phonics - but what is it and how does it differ from the way reading is generally taught today?
  • Very Special Learners
    by Becca Orlowski Added: 4/13/2005
    Since most schools are designed for auditory-sequential learners, visual/spatial learners benefit greatly from a homeschooling environment that can accommodate their unconventional way of learning.
More Out and About Articles

Our Latest Educational Links - Special Needs

  • Asperger's Syndrome
    A site with a lot of information about what Asperger's Syndrome is, tips for parenting, and helpful links to specialty doctors. A good start for anyone newly associated with AS and looking for help and answers.
  • Home School Foundation
    The Home School Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking to meet various needs within the home school community. Through its different scholarship funds, the Foundation assists needy widows with curriculum expenses, provides resources to families with special needs children, and supports other home school organizations. The Home School Foundation is the charitable arm of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and is also both a member of the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). If you are a homeschooler in need of assistance, know someone in need of assistance, wish to donate, or simply desire more information about the Foundation, please visit our website, of call us at (540) 338-8688.
  • Autism Connection: Promoting Recovery & Ensuring Fulfillment in the Liv es of Children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome
    Autism Connection serves families, care-givers, children, professionals and the entire community through a myriad of programs and services. AC Academy will open in the fall, allowing parents that home-school (specifically those with special needs) resources, support, and socialization opportunities. Academic and personal development enrichment programs and resources are also availalble, like ACT - autism connection's theater program.


Unit Study Articles

Unit Study Articles - Special Needs

  • Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    by Robin McDonald
    How do you tie together animal rescue, homeschool unit studies, dyslexia, and television production? Would you believe Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? The McDonald family is now among the multitude of people shouting, "Move that bus!" with Ty Pennington, host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. After attending two days of building and shooting for an upcoming edition of the show, if I wasn't already an Extreme Makeover fan before, I was sold after taking my children to watch the television production in progress.
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