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Dogs Unit Study Resources

Beverly S. Krueger


Books and Resources

Book Image Air Bud
Moviegoers and more than a few critics found much to enjoy in this Disney film about a lost dog named Buddy. The canine is befriended by a lonely boy and proceeds to become the star of the kid's junior high school basketball team. Demonstrating an abundance of on- and off-court agility, Buddy can dribble like a pro (no, not the wet kind of dribble), and he never misses a shot. Michael Jeter plays Buddy's original owner who returns to get his dog back (don't worry, he's an unworthy weasel), and director Charles Martin Smith brings a refreshing flair to the climactic basketball scenes. Air Bud was a modest hit for Disney, and the film's entertaining vitality gets a touch of poignancy from the fact that Lucky, the canine actor in the title role, died of cancer not long after the film was released. --Jeff Shannon

Book Image Amazing but True Dog Tales
by Bruce Nash, Allan Zullo, Muriel MacFarlane (Editor)

Anyone who has a loving canine companion will want this book that is filled with heart-warming, funny, and amazing animal anecdotes. Dogs who go to sea, dogs who make coffee, dogs who earn money for widows and orphans, and—surprise, surprise—dogs who pass for couples' children.

Book Image Any Kind of Dog
by Lynn Reiser

All Richard wants is a dog even though his mother tries to give him other kinds of pets.

Book Image Beautiful Joe
5 used & new from $10.50 Have one to sell? Don't have one? We'll set one up for you. Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders

This is the remarkable story of a dog which was cruelly abused.Written in 1893, Beautiful Joe was the first book to sell 1,000,000 copies in Canada, which it did before 1900. The book is based on a true story which took place in Meaford Ontario, although the author relocated the story to Maine because she thought it would sell better. There is now a Beautiful Joe Heritage Society, raising funds to establish the Beautiful Joe Canine Museum in Meaford.

Book Image Complete Dog Book for Kids, The
by American Kennel Club

Watch the magical world of dogs come alive in The Complete Dog Book For Kids
Also Includes:

  • Tips for finding the right dog for you
  • Health care and training basics
  • Information about the world of purebred dogs, from Junior Showmanship competitions to the informal Canine Good Citizen program

Book Image Devotions for Dog Lovers
by Dr. Tom C. Rakow
Read our Review

Devotions for Dog Lovers is a unique collection of true accounts of the canine kind. This saddle-stitched book contains twenty-one inspirational stories with titles such as: Wheres that Pointer Pointing?, God Didnt Need a Muzzle, The Crummy Deal, One-Eyed Squirrel Dog, Space Dog, When Dogs Helped Clean a Chariot, The Nameless Dog, Rail Rider, The Dog that Followed Me for Twenty-Five Years, A Three-Legged Coonhound, Some Cosmetic-Chewing Canines, The Dark Side of Dogs, Something Even a Dog Cant Do, Death Row, The Coat, The Talking Dog, The Prodigal Pooch, and more! Some classic artwork is interspersed throughout the book.

Book Image Dog Dice Game
by Gamewright
Gamewright's Dog Dice, a Bingo game with a variety of lovable canine personalities, is an addictive pleasure for both kids and adults. Rather than numbers, the playing boards are decorated with squares depicting four dogs eating, frolicking with their child-owner, groveling for food, and getting into mischief. The title refers to the two dice that act as command central of the game: one die features the four distinctive dogs (Gizmo the mutt, Stretch the dachshund, Gigi the poodle, and McDuff the Scottie); the second die displays elements of a dog's life (pictures of a bone, food dish, the kid, a doghouse, plus the word trouble). Players match the two dice to a square on their boards--Gizmo in his doghouse, for example--then mark that picture with a small cardboard bone. The first to get a row of marked squares yells "Hot Dog!" and wins. In an ingenious twist, one can also achieve "Hot Dog!" by marking, canine-style, the four corners of one's playing board. The only drawback to this enchanting game is that there are only four boards in the set, thus limiting the number of players. Winner of awards from Dr. Toy and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Dog Dice is for two to four players.

Book Image Dogs: How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and Understand Them
by Katharina Schlegl-Kofler, Monika Wegler

Book Image Good Dog, Carl
by Alexandra Day
Alexandra Day's modern classic Good Dog Carl has sold more than 200,000 copies, captivating countless readers with the lovable rottweiler Carl, endearing illustrations, and the tale's surprising silliness. The book begins with the mother saying, "Look after the baby, Carl. I'll be back shortly." Let the adventure begin! Carl looks out the window to make sure Mom is gone. Once the coast is clear, the baby crawls out of the crib and onto Carl's back. First stop? Mom's bed. Second stop? The top of the dresser where powder puffs are sported as hats. The infant--now in Carl's capable paws--slides down the laundry chute, swims in the fish tank, dances, raids the refrigerator, and makes a huge mess. Carl dutifully bathes the baby, cleans up the chaos, puts his charge back in the crib, and plays it cool when Mom comes home. "Good dog, Carl!" she says upon her return. A sweet, subtly absurd picture book that jubilantly illustrates the old adage, "When the cat's away, the mice will play."

Book Image Henry And Mudge
by Cynthia Rylant (Author), Sucie Stevenson (Illustrator)

The first book in the acclaimed easy-to-read series featuring Henry and his lovable 180-pound dog, Mudge.

Book Image Hero Dogs: Courageous Canines in Action
by Donna M. Jackson

Award-winning journalist and nonfiction author Donna M. Jackson takes an in-depth look at extraordinary canines and the role they play in the daily lives of humans. Featuring real stories from the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, along with historical and scientific facts and dramatic photographs, this book explores some incredibly heroic and heartwarming moments. From bomb-sniffing dogs to guide dogs to avalanche rescue dogs to therapy dogs, these true stories of amazing canines will engage and fascinate readers of all ages.

Book Image Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey
Walt Disney studios had previously adapted Sheila Burnford's classic animal-adventure novel The Incredible Journey in 1963, and the story proves just as durable in this popular 1993 version, in which the heroic trio of animals are given voices provided by Don Ameche, Michael J. Fox, and Sally Field. They don't actually speak (like the clever critters in Babe), but we hear their "voices" as the lost household pets--Shadow the golden retriever, Chance the bulldog, and Sassy the cat--survive a harrowing series of adventures as they struggle to find their way home. Perfect entertainment for kids, this frequently clever movie offers an abundance of wildlife and beautiful location scenery, and the vocal performances by Ameche, Fox, and Field are surprisingly effective. A hit with parents and children alike, the film was followed by a sequel in 1996. --Jeff Shannon

Book Image Homeward Bound II - Lost in San Francisco
This movie follows the unwritten law of sequels: bring back the same characters and put them in similar jeopardy with slightly tweaked circumstances. Instead of a cross-country journey, this time the pet trio must get from the San Francisco airport across the Golden Gate Bridge to their suburban home. Michael J. Fox and Sally Field return as the voices of Chance the bulldog and Sassy the cat, with Ralph Waite replacing the late Don Ameche as the elderly golden retriever. Their journey features dogfights, house fires, an epic battle with a pair of petnappers, and a love affair for Chance with a stray from the other side of the bridge (Carla Gugino). Sinbad voices another dog who guides them through the mean streets of the city by the bay, and Robert Hays stars as the father, but, frankly, that hardly matters. What does is the animals' banter, and they're funny. (Ages 3 and up) --Kimberly Heinrichs

Book Image My Dog: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Pet
by Lynn Cole
Read our Review

This fun book is for children ages 6 to 10, who are ready for their first pet dog or puppy. The text is written to help children understand the joy and responsibility of pet ownership. Chapters discuss important pet topics such as how to choose a dog or puppy, what to buy before it comes home, what to feet it, how to hold it, when to see the vet, how to train it, and much more. Up-close photos and detailed illustrations show kids of the same age with their dogs. Includes a chart of common symptoms to watch out for if the dog seems ill. Also includes an index.

Book Image Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, The
by John R. Erickson, Gerald L. Holmes (Illustrator)

While investigating a vicious murder on his ranch, Hank finds himself the number one suspect. Resigning in a fit of despair, he heads for the hills to become an outlaw--but it's not as easy as he imagined.

Hank is a scruffy, smart-alecky supersleuth with a nose for danger and an eye for the ladies. And as Head of Ranch Security on a West Texas ranch, he's usually up to his ears in all kinds of amusing trouble. Whether he's called upon to bark up the sun, investigate suspicious goings-on, or defend the ranch against marauders, Hank's hilarious, hair-raising adventures will delight readers young and old alike.

Book Image Pet First Aid: Cats and Dogs
by Bobbie Mammato, Susie Duckworth (Illustrator)

Pet First Aid was written and reviewed by veterinarians who share your love for animals. It draws on the vast experience and expertise of both the American Red Cross and the Human Society of the United States. when time is shortest and your dog or cat is depending on you, Pet First Aid is the one book to have close at hand. Easy-to-read sections covering: Proper emergency procedures Emergencies and problems requiring immediate attention Putting together your pet's first aid kit How to have a healthy and happy pet At a glance, you can find information about the causes of an illness or injury, the tell-tale signs to look for, and the proper steps to take. A comprehensive index and extensive ilustrations allow you to quickly understand how to help your pet.

Book Image Puppy Training for Kids
by Sarah Whitehead, Jane Burton (Illustrator)

Kids and puppies make natural friends. This heavily illustrated guide is written especially for kids, with information on dogs and how they develop and grow. Just as important are easy-to-understand instructions for boys and girls on puppy training and care—always with an emphasis on fun. Kids learn what to feed puppies and how much to give them, and how to play games that are safe and enjoyable. They also learn basics of puppy handling and grooming, giving commands and teaching obedience, tricks they can teach young canines, and much more. There are instructive and charming full-color photographs throughout the book. Suitable for ages 9-12, or 4-8 with parents' guidance.

Book Image Puppy: Pet Care Guide for Kids
by Mark Evans

Learn how to choose your new puppy, and training and exercising your growing dog. Find out what to feed your puppy, and when, and how to keep your puppy happy and healthy. Puppy is one of an exciting new series of pet care books designed to help young animal owners learn about and care for their pets. Illustrated on every page with full-color photography, Puppy is packed with practical information on every aspect of canine care. Published in association with the ASPCA, this series will engage and inform readers ages seven and up.

Book Image Ribsy
by Beverly Cleary (Author), Louis Darling (Illustrator)

Henry Huggins's dog, Ribsy, is hopelessly lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot. It's raining hard, the pavement is slick, horns are honking, and drivers are shouting. When Ribsy thinks he has found the Hugginses' new station wagon at last, he jumps in the open tailgate window and falls asleep, exhausted. When he wakes up find himself in the wrong car, lots of little girls pet him and make plans to give him a bath. All Ribsy wants to do is go home to Henry. Instead, he's about to begin the liveliest adventure of his life.

Book Image Space Dog And The Pet Show
by Natalie Standiford

Roy wants to enter Space Dog in the local pet show. Space Dog can walk, talk, and count, so winning a blue ribbon should be a sure thing, right? But Space Dog wants no part of it. He came to Earth to do research, not perform silly tricks! Finally, however, he agrees to enter for Roy's sake. But he didn't bargain on a beauty makeover at Dotty's Dog Salon!

Book Image Totally Fun Things to Do with Your Dog
by Maxine Rock

Here's a great way to teach a dog some new tricks. With the super ideas and activities in this book, there's no end to the fun you'll have playing with your favorite four-legged friend. From shooting hoops to jumping through hoops, from taking a photo to taking a shower, Totally Fun Things to Do with Your Dog has an amazing array of activities you can share. Discover new variations on playing catch and fetch, or teach your dog to play hide and seek. You can even throw a special party for your special pooch-pal. Basic training tips are also included along with fascinating facts about dogs.

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