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Destination Peru
Lonely Planets guide to Peru
Did you know there are 96 living languages and 12 extinct languages in Peru
Ancient Peru
Peru is the cradle of civilization in the Andes. Many cultures have come and gone. But even thou
Pictures of Pre-Columbian artifacts
Peru History
Rumbos Online: The Travel Magazine of Peru
Virtual Peru
Amazon River Dolphins
Join the makers of this site as they prepare to return to Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in northern Peru. Once again they will travel with biologist Tamara McGuire to study freshwater river dolphins in November 2000. 
Into the Rainforest - Iquitos, Peru
The next time you're in Iquitos, Peru, be sure not to miss the
Canopy Walkway. It has the greatest diversity of life on the planet, and makes for a fabulous stroll! 
But in case you don't have plans to go to Peru soon, how about a
little video taste of what it's like? You can take your own stroll right here on your computer... 
Amazon Katydids
Insects in the Amazon rainforests.
The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu 
The real Inca Trail is a walking route that leads through the mountains above the Urubamba river, following (at least partly)
the course of an old Inca roadway leading to the city of Machu Picchu.
The Search for Inca Gold
Fancisco Pizzaro and the Conquistadors.
The Inca Reports
Reports and projects by school age children.
Ice Mummies of the Incas
In September 1996, high-altitude archaeologist Johan Reinhard led an expedition to the summit of Sara Sara in Peru in search of frozen sacrificial mummies.
HuarochirÝ, a Peruvian Culture in Time
HuarochirÝ is an Andean province near Lima, Peru. This site offers an ethnographic and historical tour of some of its communities. It samples the HuarochirÝ Quechua Manuscript, which alone among colonial documents explains a pre-Christian tradition in an Andean language, and visits modern highlanders who inhabit and interpret the mythic landscape.
History of Peru
Andes Web Ring
The Quena
Make and play a quena, the traditional flute of the Andes
Andry's Peru Photo Diary

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