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The President's Day Play Space is brought to you by the Eclectic Kids Learning & Play Space and the Eclectic Homeschool Online. We've scoured the web to find President's Day Treasures for you to enjoy.

Learn More About George Washington

Learn More About Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln - The History Place
    Photos, words and timeline.
  • Abraham Lincon Research Site - Lots of interesting things here including several odd items like the description of the 1901 exhumation of Lincoln's coffin.
  • The Time of the Lincolns
    The film Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided and this companion Web site, The Time of the Lincolns, offer insights into topics in American history including women's rights, slavery, abolition, politics and partisanship, the growth of the industrial economy, and the Civil War. You can use part or all of the film, or delve into the rich resources available on this Web site to learn more, either in a classroom or on your own.
  • Ford's Theater National Historic Site - Explore this site and discover some of the motivations behind the tragic assasination of Abraham Lincoln and its impact on a nation trying to heal.
  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace - National Historic Site
  • Lincoln's Boyhood Home - National Historic Site
  • Lincoln Memorial - The Lincoln Memorial was built to resemble a Greek temple. It has 36 Doric columns, one for each state at the time of Lincoln’s death. A sculpture by Daniel Chester French of a seated Lincoln is in the center of the memorial chamber.
  • Abraham Lincoln Online - Lots of info and links.
  • Short Biography of Abraham Lincoln

Activities for President's Day

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