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Eclectic Homeschool Online Newsletter

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Eclectic Homeschool Online Newsletter
July 8, 2011
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There's nothing like being down with an infected tooth. I cracked it on Memorial Day and just had a pain free day yesterday. Summer should be more fun than that…and that is our focus for this update Summer Fun. We have plenty of suggestions in the new feature article and past articles we've promoted in the focus section. You have plenty to do planning for the coming school year. Keep your kids out of your hair with some of these fun activities.

Feature Articles

Pretending Summer
If you're like our family, you slow down the more traditional schooling part of your homeschooling when summer arrives. By the time July 4 rolls past though, you're likely to hear the words "I'm bored" a little more frequently than you prefer. You can only threaten so many times to make your kids clean house if they don't find something to do on their own. Summer can be slow for you, but it still doesn't need to be dull for the kids. Really all they need are supplies and fresh ideas.

Focus: Summer Fun

Summer Homeschool Pizzazz
Now that summer is here to stay, I wanted to share some ideas to add a little pizzazz to a hot summer day.

Constellation Gazing
Have you tried using star charts with your young children to star gaze and run into problems when they couldn't see the constellations you were trying to point out? I have, too. So, with summer here I tried to figure out a way that the shape of the constellation and the layout of the stars in a constellation would be available and easy to see for younger children. My solution--glow-in-the-dark constellation cards.

Summertime Dabblings
Over the years I have found that my summers are more productive if I take a little time beforehand to plan. One characteristic of a true homeschooling mother is that learning is never over. While I relish my times off, I still find myself gravitating towards teachable moments and opportunities for learning.

Summertime Activities
Whether you plan a trip to your local library or museum for their summer activities or plan your own, summertime is a great time to try new things.

Chemistry Around the Campfire
With the warm summer months upon us, smells of campfires, roasted weenies, and delectable toasted marshmallows often fill the evening air. Before you pop that next toasted marshmallow into your mouth, why not tickle some brain cells as you tickle your taste buds? Practice some basic science skills, learn a little chemistry, and have lots of fun while you're at it!

Educational Weblinks
Family Vacations

Educational Toys
Fun Toys

Eclectic Homeschool Resource Center
Pretend Play
Outdoor Play

Science Department

Science Spot
Getting a Sunburn in the Name of Science
What does a sunburn have to do with scientific progress?
According to UK researchers, the results of recent experiments on humans and rats exposed to UVB rays--those are the burn-causing ones--may point towards potential pain treatments.

Crafts Department

Year in Crafts: July

Kitchen Colander Wind Chime
As intriguing to look at as it is to listen to, this wind chime is a breeze to make. You'll need a metal colander and 6 or so old kitchen utensils -- the perfect excuse for a family outing to a tag sale or thrift store.

Swirly Stones
This simple project, adapted from "Summer Crafts" by Marjorie Galen (Hylas, 2005), transforms rocks into giant waxy jewels. The secret ingredients? Crayons and heat!

Caterpillar Sock Puppets
Make your own caterpillar sock puppets. Instructions for a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar and a monarch caterpillar.

MORE: Make Your Own Sewing Cards, Patriotic Water Bracelets, Parade Stick, Buggy Buddies, Necktie Snakes, Nature Pictures, Geckos to Go, Fly-Away Ladybug, Hummer Feeder

Eclectic Homeschool Online Reviews
• Anti-Virus
• Big Bag of Science
• Edward MacDowell and his Cabin in the Pines
• Edward MacDowell and his Cabin in the Pines Study Guide
• Edward MacDowell/Stephen Foster CD
• Little Colonial Girl Paper Doll
• Stephen Foster and his Little Dog Tray
• Stephen Foster and his Little Dog Tray Study Guide
• Thinking Putty

Eclectic Homeschool Resource Center

Featured Resource July

Teaching Teens
Catherine McGrew Jaime
Our Price: $7.50
Buy Now:
Help for the frustrated homeschooler from a Veteran Homeschool Mom of 12. High school can be overwhelming for many homeschoolers, but Catherine shows that it can be done, and be done sanely, and well. With more than 30 years of home education experience, and nine high school graduates of her own, she is talking from experience and not just theory.

New Resources

We've been updating the resources in our Gravitas Publications section of the EHO Resource Center. A few are listed in the new resources listings below, but you'll find many more here:

The Kids Book of the Night Sky
Ann Love, Jane Drake
Our Price: $11.53 - 32% Off, You save $5.42
Buy Now:
In this book in the Family Fun series, boys and girls will discover all the secrets the night sky holds. They can play games like "Night Sky I Spy," keep an astronomer's log and read about night sky myths. Star maps are included for each season -- so kids will know what to look for, when and where. Then as the sun goes down and the sky goes dark, they'll be ready for the night sky's all-star show.

Real Science-4-Kids Pre-Level I Biology BUNDLE
Rebecca W. Keller
Our Price: $74.85
Buy Now:
Real Science-4-Kids Pre Level Biology BUNDLE includes Student Text, Teacher's Manual, and Student Workbook. The Pre-Level I Biology Student Text presents college biology concepts to K-3 students. Students learn about taxonomy, cells, parts of the cell, plant growth, protozoa, butterflies, frogs, and cycles in an ecosystem. There are ten chapters with easy-to-read text and colorful graphics.

Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry Pre-Level I BUNDLE
Rebecca W. Keller
Our Price: $74.85
Buy Now:
Real Science-4-Kids PreLevel I Chemistry BUNDLE includes Student Text, Teacher's Manual, and Student Workbook. Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry Pre-Level I introduces young students to college level chemistry subjects, such as atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, acids and bases, mixtures and large molecules such as proteins and DNA. This book is written for young elementary students in grades K-3.

Level I Astronomy Real Science-4-Kids
Rebecca W. Keller Ph.D.
Our Price: $24.95
Buy Now:
Level I Astronomy Student Text introduces young students to the scientific discipline of astronomy. Students will learn about different astronomy tools, including telescopes and moon rovers, the phases of the Moon, the Sun's solar energy, the planets of the solar system and what happened to Pluto, the Milky Way galaxy, and our other stellar neighbors. The Level I Astronomy student text has ten full color chapters and includes a full glossary and pronunciation guide at the back of the book.

A Hummingbird's Story: How I Came to Be (Volume 1)
Barbara J. Kurtz
Our Price: $11.00
Buy Now:
"A Hummingbird's Story: How I Came to Be" provides you and your child the opportunity to witness one of nature's miracles. Samantha, a young female Costa hummingbird, shares her story of how "she came to be." This tiny bird tells her own story of how she pecked her way into this world and then learned the lessons needed to survive outside the nest. In her delightful manner, Samantha begins by introducing her parents and then describing her home, the nest that her mother so painstakingly constructed. New vocabulary words are introduced and defined. Imaginations stretch as children ponder thought- provoking "Did you know?" facts. Written by an educator, "A Hummingbird's Story: How I Came to Be" combines science content, real photographs taken of the event, and simulated narration by the hummingbird herself to make this book a vital addition to a child's or teacher's bookshelf. Parents, teachers, librarians, and especially children will witness the beginning of this tiny bird's life as though they were there in person.

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Our Eclectic Weblinks Index has our non-commercial (or mostly so), educational links. Lots of categories and great learning and resources available through these links. If you'd like to add a resource to these listings, visit

Summer Bucket List
A fun summer idea to get the whole family involved to enjoy summer together.

Summer Vacation Boredom Busters
There is nothing worse than a rainy day in the middle of the school holidays, when children are cooped up inside, you have nothing planned, and the inevitable cries of "I'm bored" are not far away! Keep this list of rainy day activities ready for just such a day. Older children may enjoy choosing from the list themselves.

Freebies & Bargains
This is a long unsorted list of sites offering freebies of interest to homeschoolers. Sites are well described. Scroll down past the advertising to get to the actual list.

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The Lord bless and keep you,
Beverly Krueger
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