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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - History of Christianity

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Christian Books

History of Christianity List

  • America's Christian Heritage
    by Gary Demar
    ISBN: 0805430326
    From Plymouth Rock to Independence Hall and beyond, the pages of American history overflow with evidence of the profound role Christianity has played in the founding of our nation. A study of the primary sources leave no doubt that Christianity served as the foundation for our nation's construction, both in its laws and political structures. DeMar answers today's secular denials of America's Christian heritage as he presents evidence from a broad range of historical sources by letting the record speak for itself. This is a wonderful book to keep out on a table in your living room. Oversized with color images throughout.
  • America's Christian History
    by Gary DeMar
    ISBN: 0915815168
    Christianity is written on every page of America's amazing history. Gary DeMar presents well-documented facts which will change your perspective about what it means to be a Christian in America; the truth about America's Christian past as it relates to supreme court justices, and presidents; the Christian character of colonial charters, state constitutions, and the US Constitution; the Christian foundation of colleges, the Christian character of Washington, D.C.; the origin of Thanksgiving and so much more. An indispensable book for a time when even "under God" is coming under fire.
  • Baker Atlas of Christian History, The

    ISBN: 0801022487
    The first of the 60 maps accompany text that introduces the geography of Palestine and the book continues from there, sharing through maps and textual commentary such details as travel routes, land allocations, battle campaigns... No matter what Old or New Testament story interests you, the odds are good that you will find maps, explanatory text, and perhaps even photos, drawings or graphs to help you in your search for knowledge. The text entries share geographical and historical information that is often accompanied by notes about archeological findings and other items of interest.
  • Bible Overview Chart: Laminated Timeline/Chart, The
    By Kenneth E. Malberg.
    ISBN: 0970483201
    " terrific Bible study aid, whether you are a Sunday school or homeschool teacher or using it for personal study! Essentially, the chart enables one to continually keep the part being studied within the framework of the entire Bible. It is a "blueprint" if you will."
  • Christianity on Trial: Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry
    by Vincent Carroll, David Shiflett
    ISBN: 1893554155
    In "Christianity on Trial," Vincent Carroll and David Shiflett do not shrink from confronting the tragedies that have been perpetrated throughout the ages in the name of Christianity. But they argue that the current indulgence of anti-Christian rhetoric in our culture not only involves bad taste, but tunnel vision and willful historical illiteracy as well. Carroll and Shiflett dispassionately consider the indictment of Christianity--specifically that it has justified racism and misogyny, encouraged ignorance, and promoted the despoliation of the environment and even justified genocide. Then, in a narrative whose intellectual elegance and verve calls up comparisons to "How the Irish Saved Civilization," they answer these charges, showing how in fact the Christian tradition has not only injected morality into our political order, but softened brutal practices and confining superstitions, created the foundation for intellectual inquiry, and created the compassionate! impulse. "Christianity on Trial" challenges readers of all beliefs--even those with a belief in disbelief itself--to question the anti-religious bigotry that thrives in our intellectual world and to reevaluate the role of Christianity not only as a source of consolation but of enlightenment and human liberation as well.
  • Chronological and Background Charts of Church History
    by Robert C. Walton, Earle E. Cairns (Designer)
    ISBN: 0310362814
    This set of eighty-one charts summarizes the key persons, events, dates, and ideas of church history. The index makes the book useful as a handy reference tool.
  • Church History in Plain Language, 2nd Edition
    by Bruce L. Shelley
    ISBN: 0849938619
    It's about time that someone wrote church history that tells about people, not just about "eras" and "ages." Church History in Plain Language taps the roots of our Christian family tree. It combines authoritative research with a captivating style to bring our heritage home to us.
  • From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya : A Biographical History of Christian Missions
    by Ruth A. Tucker
    ISBN: 0310459311
    Examines the history of missions with emphasis on a biographical approach.Covers missions chronologically and geographically and discusses key issues, both modern and historical, within missions.
  • Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity, The
    by James S. Jeffers
    ISBN: 0830815899
  • History of Christianity Curriculum
    Vision Video
    ISBN: B0006U5US6
    This is a survey course designed to stimulate further your curiosity by providing glimpses of some of the pivotal events in the spread Christianity and sketches of great Christian figures who have significantly affected Christian history thereby shaping the history of the world. Kit includes six half-hour programs, leader's guide, and reproducible student workbook.
  • History of Christianity, A
    by Paul Johnson
    ISBN: 0684815036
    In the prologue of A History of Christianity, Paul Johnson lays the foundation for his history--the absolute pursuit of truth. For Christianity to be true, the historical facts it is based on must also be true.
  • How People Lived In The Bible An Illustrated Guide To Manners & Customs
    by Thomas Nelson Publishing
    ISBN: 0785242562
    With more than 700 informative topics, this resource allows you to get an inside look at how the people of the Bible lived. From jewelry to climate, clothing to occupations. Complete with illustrations scattered throughout makes this entertaining as well as informative.
  • How the Bible Came to Us: The Story of the Book That Changed the World
    by Meryl Doney
    ISBN: 0745920985
  • Introducing Early Christianity: A Topical Survey of Its Life, Beliefs and Practices
    by Laurie, Ph.D. Guy
    ISBN: 083082698X
    The life and times of the early church were every bit as exciting as our own. But the living pulse of early Christian life, worship and controversy is too often submerged beneath the text of standard introductions to early Christian history. Here from Laurie Guy is an introduction to Christianity of the first four centuries that is readable but not lightweight, interesting but not superficial, informative but not technical. It is a welcome supplement to chronological histories of the early church, a vantage point from which readers may sit aloft and view the broad patterns in the historical terrain. From the apostolic fathers to the great ecumenical councils, we see the church undergoing persecution and martyrdom and then rising to favor under Constantine, shaping its ministry and order while worshiping and developing its understanding of doctrine. Baptism and Eucharist, asceticism and monasticism, and the developing roles of women unfold in this thematic account of the rise of Great Tradition Christianity.Richly illustrated and filled out with maps, charts and close-up windows on related topics, Introducing Early Christianity will inform the curious and enliven courses in early church history.
  • Jesus the Authorized Biography: The Eyewitness Accounts by Those Who Personally Knew Him
    by Gary C. Wharton
    ISBN: 0892216182
    A totally chronological, all scripture account of the 4 Gospels, and including writings from the Apostle Paul
  • Mystery of History (The Early Church and the Middle Ages, Volume 2)
    by Linda Lacour Hobar (Author)
    ISBN: 1892427060
    From the back cover: Be it a lesson from Germany, China, Zimbabwe, or Iceland, the author leads students to all corners of the globe in the order that major events occurred there. Whether it is the stories of kings and queens, emperors and samurai, knights and inventors, or poets and commoners, the epic continues to unford in The Mystery of History Volume II. Contains three lessons per week; Fun projects and hands-on activities; photos from around the world; exercises, quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and semester tests, weekly timeline and mapping assignments. Distinctive "Memory-card" method, User-friendly format for new or veteran teachers, Reproducible student pages and outline maps, and supplemental reading and resource lists. History from a Bible-centered viewpoint.
  • Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners And Customs How The People Of The Bible Really Lived
    by Howard Frederic Vos
    ISBN: 0785211942
    The most comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate information on life in Bible times available in one volume for the general reader.
  • Solomon's Temple
    Vision Video
    ISBN: B000077VTV
    The place where it was built in ancient times was considered the center of the world. In many ways it has continued to be a center of history. Today it continues as a center of great reverence as well as great conflict. An understanding of the Temple in Jewish life and history is essential not only to understanding the Bible but also history and current events in Jerusalem today. This program gives a basic introduction to the colossal achievement of Solomonís Temple and details its design, construction, meaning for Israel, and what went on there and why. Solomonís Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C., but through the use of modern computer graphics, the Temple is reconstructed visually to provide a contemporary experience of its ritual, beauty and grandeur.
  • Student Bible Atlas, The
    by Tim Dowley, Richard Scott (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0806620382
  • Trial And Triumph: Stories From Church History
    by Richard M. Hannula
    ISBN: 1885767544
    Family stories are so important, and stories from our Church-family may be even more so. In this collection of brief biographies, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and lesser known fathers and mothers of our faith-including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and C.S. Lewis. Written for ages 5-12.
  • Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity, 2nd Ed.
    by Mark A. Noll
    ISBN: 080106211X
    Organized around thirteen key moments in the history of Christianity, this popular introduction to church history provides contemporary Christians with a fuller understanding of God as he has revealed his purpose through the centuries. A study section has been added that includes questions and application challenges for today makes Turning Points, 2d ed. all the more useful for church study groups and students of church history.
  • Under God
    by Toby Mac, Michael Tait
    ISBN: 0764200089
    In the same uncompromising style of Jesus Freaks, bestselling authors Michael Tait and TobyMac of dc Talk now urge readers to take their stand for America's future--by examining our past. Using unforgettable accounts of both famous and little-known Americans, Under God examines the stories of men and women who forged our nation. Against these, they pair the dark side of America's legacy--racism, slavery, injustice--in order that a new generation might seek Godís face and avoid repeating sins of the past. The authors draw on the resources of WallBuilders, a national organization that distributes historical, legal, and statistical information and helps citizens become active in their communities.
  • Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline
    by John F., Ph.D. Ashton (Author), David Down (Author)
    ISBN: 0890514682
    Adults and children alike have been fascinated with the Egyptian civilization for decades, but most modern archaeologists have lately tried to use Egyptian chronology to dispute the biblical record of Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. Students from high school to the college level are faced with a challenge to their faith as teachers cite the traditional chronology as fact to discredit the biblical account of Exodus. Those who wish to defend their faith in the accuracy of the Bible now have hope in this exciting new book that provides an accurate and compelling new chronology that confirms the biblical account.
  • Victor Journey Through the Bible, The
    by V. Gilbert Beers
    ISBN: 156476480X
    This easy-to-read, visual exploration of the Bible allows you to follow the action from Genesis to Revelation. The stories of Scripture will come alive as you travel story-by-story through Bible lands and times. You will discover how ancient people really lived-the foods they ate, the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, the work they performed.
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