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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Dyslexia

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

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Dyslexia List

  • Complete Reading Disabilities Handbook: Ready-To-Use Techniques for Teaching Reading Disabled Students
    by Wilma H. Miller
    ISBN: 0876282494
    This unique handbook gives reading and learning disability teachers one of the most comprehensive and practical resources available today for diagnosing and remediating all types of reading disabilities in elementary and middle school students.

    Included are easy-to-follow explanations of the various courses of reading disabilities and over 100 reproducible assessment devices, corrective activity sheets, and other aids. And all of this material is printed in a big 8 1/4" x 11" format for easy photocopying of test and activity pages as many times as needed for use with individual students, small groups, or an entire class!

    Here are just a few of the special features you'll find in the Handbook:
    • case studies of actual children showing how reading problems are caused by different kinds of factors
    • scores of ready-to-use assessment devices to help you accurately identify a child's specific reading weaknesses
    • a complete Individual Reading Inventory for determining a student's independent, instructional, and frustration reading levels
    • step-by-step directions for using oral reading miscue analysis effectively
    • reproducible activity sheets for improving students' ability in visual perception, letter identification, sight word recognition, graphophonic analysis, structural analysis, semantic analysis, and reading comprehension
    • a description of the contemporary Reading Recovery Program which is being used with at-risk children
    • specific strategies for use with learning handicapped children
    • appendices listing publishers/distributors of actual computer software and materials for improving competency in word identification and comprehension skills.
    In short, Complete Reading Disabilities Handbook is brimming with ready-to-use, classroom-tested strategies and materials for working with reading disabled children. It will be an invaluable, time-saving resource for all teachers in the effort to help each child achieve his/her optimal potential in reading.
  • Day-To-Day Dyslexia in the Classroom
    by Joy Pollock, Elisabeth Waller
    ISBN: 0415111323
    Day-to-Day Dyslexia offers advice to teachers on how they can recognize specific learning difficulties and give practical help to children in class. Written in jargon-free language, it provides guidelines on the way dyslexic children learn language, literacy and numeracy. It also includes chapters on handwriting, study skills and classroom management, while bearing in mind the demands made on class teachers.

    Dyslexia--be it mild, moderate or severe--cuts across class, age and intelligence and all schools will have some dyslexic children. An awareness that there are certain teaching methods and practical approaches which are effective with such children is essential for class teachers in both elementary and secondary schools.
  • Gift of Dyslexia, The: Why Some of the Smartest People Can't Read and How They Can Learn
    by Ronald D. Davis, Eldon M. Braun
    ISBN: 039952293X
    n this exciting book, Davis shares the startling discovery he made which helped him overcome his own dyslexia; reveals how dyslexia may be linked to uncommonly high levels of intelligence, creativity, and imagination; and outlines a clear and simple plan that anyone can use to help themselves or others conquer this all-too-common disability.
  • Overcoming Dyslexia : A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level
    by Sally Md Shaywitz
    ISBN: 0679781595
    One in five American children has trouble reading. But they are not stupid or lazy. In Overcoming Dyslexia, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, codirector of the Yale Center for the Study of Learning and Attention and a leader in the new research into how the brain works, offers the latest information about reading problems and proven, practical techniques that, along with hard work and the right help, can enable anyone to overcome them. Here are the tools that parents and teachers need to help the dyslexic child, age by age, grade by grade, step by step.
    • What dyslexia is and why some intelligent, gifted people read slowly and painfully
    • How to identify dyslexia in preschoolers, schoolchildren, young adults, and adults
    • How to find the best school and how to work productively with your child’s teacher
    • Exercises to help children use the parts of the brain that control reading
    • A 20-minute nightly home program to enhance reading
    • The 150 most common problem words–a list that can give your child a head start
    • Ways to raise and preserve a child’s self-esteem aqnd reveal his strengths
    • Stories of successful men and women who are dyslexic
  • Solving Your Child's Reading Problems
    by Ricki Linksman
    ISBN: 1567312454
    Whether a child is passing through a temporary crisis with current work, or has fallen weeks, months, even years behind in reading, this guide will show how a child can be brought back up to grade level. It is also useful for parents who want to give beginning readers a head start, or accelerate their children's current reading skills.
  • To Read Or Not To Read
    by Daphne M. Hurford
    ISBN: 0684855410
    Dyslexia is a disorder that affects over 15 percent of the American population -- almost everyone knows someone who has it. Broadly defined as some kind of difficulty with the written word, whether learning to read or learning to write, dyslexia is still widely misunderstood. Now, with To Read or Not to Read, author Daphne M. Hurford gives us the first comprehensive book to address the complexities of dyslexia in an open and thoughtful format.

    In ten easy-to-follow chapters, Hurford explains what it is like to live with dyslexia through stories of well-known dyslexics (including Winston Churchill and Nelson Rockefeller) as well as her own students, and shows how to tailor educational programs to meet individual needs. She also explores what can be done to help dyslexics by evaluating the different educational programs and teaching methods available, and she provides a detailed list of reliable institutions that work with dyslexics and their families. Written with a deep sense of compassion and understanding, To Read or Not to Read is a welcome resource for anyone who knows the experience of living and learning with dyslexia.
  • To Teach a Dyslexic
    by Don McCabe
    ISBN: 1564000044
    The very readable and enjoyable autobiography of a dyslexic who has become a widely recognized expert on what dyslexia really is and especially what dyslexia isn't.
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