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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Christian Teens

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Christian Books

Christian Teens List

  • Authentic Beauty : the shaping of a set-apart young woman
    by Leslie Ludy
    ISBN: 1590522680
    In a world that seeks to destroy all that is princesslike and feminine within her, that mocks her longing for tender romance and exalts the empty charms of a painted face or a perfect figure - can today's young woman dare to long for more? For every young woman who has asked herself that question, this book offers a breathtaking vision of hope. Refreshingly candid and practical, Authentic Beauty explores the boundless opportunities God has for a young woman who is willing to let Him shape every aspect of her life.
  • Beautiful: Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes
    by Angela Thomas
    ISBN: 1400304261
    Through anecdotes and Scripture, Thomas describes how young women can pull themselves away from the ballroom wall and come to dance-securely and unconditionally-in the arms of their Lord. She acknowledges the fear and anxiety young girls have, and discusses how to turn off the disabling voices in their heads, how to ignore the negative voices of those around them, and how to follow the only voice that has ever mattered.

    Readers are left with confidence, security, and a challenge to begin a lifelong dance with God. Told from the heart of a women who understands, Beautiful will teach girls how to experience dreams that far surpass any Cinderella, to live a love that is no fairy tale, and to dance for eternity with a God who thinks, who knows, who created them Beautiful.
  • Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You
    by Nancy Stafford
    ISBN: 1576739503
    From celebrated Hollywood starlets to the covers of Cosmo, our society seems obsessed with beauty. Actress and Main Floor host Nancy Stafford (best known for her starring role as Michelle Thomas on Matlock) digs below our culture's fixation on outward appearance to show you that true beauty is more than skin-deep. "Every woman has beauty," says Stafford, "but not everyone sees it. I want you to see it." In Beauty by the Book she bares her heart to readers, laying out the Scriptures, promises, and truths women need to know to find their true value. Her liberating reflections will help you see yourself as God sees you -- worthy, lovable, and beautiful.
  • Chatting With Girls Like You: 61 More Real-Life Questions With Answers from the Bible
    by Sandra Byrd
    ISBN: 0764227548
    "Does God really test us?" "I’m jealous of my sister." "Will my body ever stop changing?" "I can’t stop spending money!" Author Sandra Byrd responds to these and 57 more questions and problems sent to her by her readers. Each section begins with a true-or-false quiz for girls to pinpoint the topics that concern them most. With answers straight from the Bible, Sandra deftly and sensitively covers the issues most pressing to today’s preteen girls in this follow-up to her strong-selling Girl Talk.
  • Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations
    by Alex Harris (Author), Brett Harris (Author)
    ISBN: 1601421125
    A challenging, hardcover book for teens by two teens who believe our generation is ready for something different. Ready for something that doesn’t promise you a whole new life if you’ll just buy the right brand of jeans or use the right kind of deodorant. We believe our generation of young people is ready to rethink what teens are capable of, and what the teen years are all about. And we’ve noticed that once some wrong ideas are debunked and cleared away, our generation is quick to choose a better way, even if it’s also more difficult.
  • Don't Waste Your Life
    by John Piper
    ISBN: 1581346107
    This book is a call for this generation to make their lives count for eternity. While risks abound for those who seek to accomplish something in life, the rewards far outweigh the risks. Readers will find their passion for the cross of Christ enlarged as a result of reading this book. Includes a DVD featuring Piper speaking on this topic.
  • Drama for Real Life: 16 Scripts About the Choices That Shape Us
    by Steven James
    ISBN: 0830833412
    Emerging drama ministries face a daunting challenge: to give voice to the unvoiced anxieties and uncertainties of people coming of age in a complex world. These feelings and doubts are difficult to express in words, but they can be sketched out in the action and tension of drama.
    * Love and Marriage
    * Job and Vocation
    * Faith and Doubt
    * Morality and Ethics
    * Temptation and Desire
    * Life and Death
    These are the challenges we face in the crossroads of our lives. You won't find answers in the sketches that portray them (leave that to the preachers), but you will find truth.An award-winning storyteller and accomplished author, Steven James presents sixteen scripts for use by drama ministries in church or on campus. Designed for ease of use, Drama for Real Life features
    * simple settings--easy to manage for beginning directors
    * no more than five actors per sketch--easy to cast
    * time frames less than ten minutes each--easy to fit within a worship setting
    * insights geared toward directors, writers and actors
    With pastoral sensitivity and artful authenticity, Drama for Real Life shows us what truth looks like in the real world.
  • For Such a Time as This Study Guide
    by Lisa Ryan
    ISBN: 1590521749
    Just as the biblical Esther needed a year of beauty preparations with myrrh, oil, and sweet spices, a modern Esther needs preparation to fulfill her destiny. In this in-depth companion study to For Such a Time as This, young women from the ages of twelve to twenty-five follow Esther's example to shape their unique gifts and destinies in a way that will set them apart from the world. Interactive lessons equip them to develop character traits such as courage, chastity, grace, and dignity -- transforming them into mature women of God.
  • For Such a Time as This: Your Identity, Purpose, and Passion
    by Lisa Ryan
    ISBN: 1576737853
    Today's young women are bombarded with messages contrary to the Christian life. They need a clear vision of purpose in order to walk as "princesses in God's court." For Such a Time as This: The Disciplines of Destiny, by Lisa Ryan, cohost of The 700 Club, helps women from the ages of twelve to twenty-five find their unique gifts and destinies. It draws on the biblical example of Esther, as well as modern-day role models, to deliver nugget-sized lessons on character traits such as courage, chastity, grace, and dignity. For Such a Time as This will transform young readers into mature women of God.
  • Jesus Speaks to Teens: Not Your Ordinary Meditations on the Life of Jesus
    by Vicki J. Kuyper, Lila Empson
    ISBN: 0764228668
    These forty-four short yet hard-hitting readings cover such themes as purity, perseverance, loyalty, and forgiveness—all from a teen-centric viewpoint. Drawing specifically from the words of Jesus, each reading offers back story for the biblical passage, how Jesus’ words apply to teens today, and additional Scriptures and inspirational quotes to reinforce the point. Perfect for birthdays, Easter baskets, graduation—or a gift "just because."
  • Raising Maidens of Virtue: A Study of Feminine Loveliness for Mothers and Daughters
    by Stacy McDonald (Author), Johannah Bluedorn (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0974339016
    More than a fill-in-the-blank Bible study, Raising Maidens of Virtue is an engaging tool for mothers to use in training daughters who are approaching womanhood to think biblically. Through stories, allegories, illustrations, and memory-making projects, Raising Maidens of Virtue covers topics such as guarding the tongue, idleness, sibling relationships, honoring parents, contentment, modesty, purity, cleanliness, and feminine biblical beauty.
  • Revolve: The Complete New Testament
    by Nelson Bibles
    ISBN: 0718003586
    In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Extreme for Jesus has found that the number one reason teens don't read the Bible is that it is "too big and freaky looking." This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant format!
  • Treasury of Miracles for Teens, A : True Stories of God's Presence Today
    by Karen Kingsbury
    ISBN: 0446529621
    From the bestselling author of A Treasury of Miracles for Women comes an encouraging collection of true stories to remind teens that God is genuinely involved in their lives. "No one understands me." "No one cares about how I feel." Every generation of teenagers believes this is true. Now, Karen Kingsbury has put together a book that tells them differently--that far from ignoring them, God is always in their lives, and the stories in A TREASURY OF MIRACLES FOR TEENS are the proof. Compiled from true accounts collected over the past few years, here are tales about angels in action, modern- day miracles, and powerful answers to prayer that will inspire teens by reminding them that God is only a heartbeat away.
  • University of Destruction: Your Game Plan for Spiritual Victory on Campus
    by David Wheaton
    ISBN: 0764200534
    The statistic is staggering: Fifty percent of Christian college students lose their faith--or at least have made it a low priority--by the time they graduate.With a fresh voice and a conversational style, author David Wheaton explores the three pillars of peril--sex, drugs, and rebellion--most often encountered by college students. He then offers students advice on developing a game plan to avoid the spiritual pitfalls. While the temptations and influences may still be there, students following these practical tips will find that a university of instruction does not have to become a university of destruction.
  • Voices of the Faithful - Book 2: Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World
    by International Mission Board
    ISBN: 084992071X
    "A willingness to go is all they have in common," exclaim Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis, speaking of their friends on the front lines who are spreading the gospel around the world and with whom they collaborated to create this book. This second book of 366 daily devotionals features stories of God's faithfulness, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide.

    From stirring miracles to heroic adventures, this second volume highlights those who daily go to the outer limits of spiritual devotion.
  • Voices of the Faithful: Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World
    by Beth Moore
    ISBN: 159145364X
    "A willingness to go is all they have in common," exclaims Beth Moore, speaking of her friends on the front lines spreading the gospel around the world with whom she collaborated to create Voices of the Faithful.

    This brilliant new 365-day devotional from the International Mission Board features incredible stories of God’s faithfulness in the face of uncertainty and danger, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide. Readers will be blessed, igniting a passion in their hearts for living by faith as they meditate on these inspiring stories of courage from Christians serving around the world.
  • Where Do I Go from Here: Making the Right Decisions in Life
    by Nicholas Comninellis
    ISBN: 0892215151
    Life is full of decisions -- both major and minor. Should I take this job? Should I go to college? This book is especially aimed at young people and the decision-making processes of their lives. Its goal is to help young people become more effective by focusing on the right motives, looking ahead to potential outcomes, and ultimately turning to Jesus Christ for guidance.
  • Wildcats in the House: Spiritual Stuff You Can Get From High School Musical
    by Steve Russo (Author), Gabi Russo (Author)
    ISBN: 0764204564
    The High School Musical movie has become a major phenomenon and is now the fastest selling DVD of all time. Girls and boys alike have become enamored with the characters, plot, and music which raise important questions about identity, peer pressure, success, priorities, and more. Just in time for the debut of High School Musical 2, teen expert Steve Russo and his 11-year-old daughter Gabi offer guidance in finding the biblical principles represented by characters Troy and Gabriella and their friends. This book is a commentary on, but is not affiliated with or licensed by, the High School Musical(tm) movie and trademark owned by Disney Enterprises.
  • Winsome Womanhood: Daybreak
    by Shelley Noonan
    ISBN: 0970027338
    This revised and expanded classic was designed to give mothers and daughters,ages 15 and up, a tool to use in the mentoring process. Seven weeks of Bible Study, Projects, Journalling and Discussion Questions on issues that pertain to the young woman in the daybreak of their lives.
  • Winsome Womanhood: Daybreak, Journal Edition
    by Shelley Noonan (Editor)
    ISBN: 0970027346
    This is much more than a book, it is an experience! Winsome Womanhood~Daybreak has been revised to an even more useful journal edition! Mothers and Daughters are invited to take a seven week journey to a closer relationship. Each of the seven chapters includes
    • Revised Text: Gently revised from the original 1900 edition of Winsome Womanhood by M.E.Sangester.
    • Mother to Mother: Goals for each chapter are explained and encouragement is shared by author.
    • Mother/Daughter Journal: Create a precious record of the heart by writing in the journal provided at the end of each chapter.
    • Bible Study: Discover seven important spiritual disciplines that will draw you both into a deeper and more consistent walk with the Lord.
    • Projects: Together enjoy enrichment activities that put the chapter ideas into action.
    • Resources: Delve deeper into topics covered in each chapter with suggested reading and reproducible forms to enrich the Winsome Womanhood experience.
    Suitable for family or small group study!
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