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New Answers Book 2, The: Over 30 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible
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New Answers Book 2, The: Over 30 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible

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Publisher: Master Books

Editor: Ken Ham

List Price: $14.99

Ages: 15-18 Years

Reviewed By: Jean Hall

We've enjoyed many books and DVDs from Answers in Genesis over the years, but The New Answers Book 2 has sparked a new wave of interest in our household. It all started when our young teen picked out the book from the shelf, and before I knew it, I was being bombarded with facts and quotes from the book, whether driving in the car, or sitting quietly in the living room, absorbed in a book of my own.

The book consists of essays by a number of authors on a variety of topics with an overall creation versus evolution theme. We've heard a lot of this before, in separate books and videos, but the material has been brought together in a concise and organized way, with each chapter loosely tied to the next in line. Thus, we begin with a discussion of the “Evolutionizing” of the culture, followed by chapters refuting various facets of the theory of evolution, including the origin of life, the effects of mutations, and the likelihood of humans evolving from apelike creatures. Along the way, historical evolutionary frauds are reviewed.

Following chapters explore the accuracy of the biblical record and whether creation-believing scientists can be taken seriously. Written from a solid young-earth position, some of the essays tackle the arguments put forth by old-earth creationists and evolutionists, analyzing the big bang, the gap theory, and progressive creation, along with refuting arguments for a stretch of millions of years from creation to the present day. Other hot topics that could have been taken from the headlines of the day include gay marriage, intelligent design, and the question of when life begins.

If you have found yourself trying to wrap your brain around Christian evolution in an attempt to reconcile evolutionary claims and the Bible, The New Answers Book 2 will give you some solid food for thought and a new-found respect for the biblical account. This book also makes a good case for the young-earth position in the ongoing debate on the hows of creation.

Each chapter title is a question. Each question is explored and explained within the chapter, oftentimes with references to where you can find more information on the subject.

Our teen was stimulated by the discussion and excited about the information presented in the book, and proposed a reading and discussion group with The New Answers Book 1 and The New Answers Book 2 as the first books in the line-up. I think we might take her up on that.
More Information
Available From: Master Books
Address: P.O. Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638
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Jean Hall
Jean Hall, a Christian home educator with three daughters, enjoys writing stories and music. Her family's interests include reading together, art, gardening, volkswalking and pets: two cats and a Giant Schnauzer.
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