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Ultimate Proof of Creation
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Ultimate Proof of Creation

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Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Author: Jason Lisle

List Price: Softcover: $13.99

Ages: 15-18 Years

Reviewed By: Heather Lammers


Dr. Jason Lisle, who received his Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Colorado, believes in the literal interpretation of Genesis. His beliefs as a young earth creationist often put him at odds with many of his fellow scientists who believe in evolution. While he readily admits that some people will never be swayed to accept his beliefs, in The Ultimate Proof of Creation, he sets out to show that science and the Bible are not mutually exclusive.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation starts out by laying groundwork for the ultimate proof argument so readers will have a better understanding of scientific evidence and how it is interpreted. Dr. Lisle then goes into worldviews and how they play a role in how each person interprets evidence. He is careful to state that although this ultimate proof is conclusive it is not an argument that will persuade everyone, as there is no such argument available.

Once the groundwork is laid, Dr. Lisle starts to get more into the ultimate proof of creation as well as into logical fallacies used to prove evolution. His study in logic goes fairly deep, so he devotes two complete chapters to understanding logical fallacies. His goal is to equip Christians to be able to defend their faith in a sound manner without resorting to straw man arguments or other logical fallacies.

Dr. Lisle concludes the book with real life examples of applying the ultimate proof of creation. He shows real emails received, breaks down the argument being made, and then gives possible responses. The purpose of these two appendixes is to allow readers to develop and hone their own persuasive argument skills to be able to better defend their beliefs.

While Dr. Lisle strives to keep scientific jargon and biblical theology at an uncomplicated level, it may not always be easy to follow all of his writing within the book. At times, readers (depending on their knowledge or exposure to this type of reasoning) may need to reread a passage several times to truly understand what is being said.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation will not be for everyone. If you are a young earth creationist who wants to learn to better defend your beliefs, this book will probably be an asset in your home. If you believe in evolution, there is a good chance that you will be annoyed with this book due to the content.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation is now also available in DVD format. 

More Information
Available From: Answers in Genesis Ministries
Address: PO Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048
Phone: (859) 727-2222
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Heather Lammers
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