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Explore Simple Machines
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Explore Simple Machines

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Publisher: Nomad Press
Author: Anita Yasuda

List Price: Softcover: $12.95

Ages: 9-11 Years

Reviewed By: Sarah Bailey


Explore Simple Machines is another in the series Explore Your World! from Nomad Press. This book is wonderful for introducing children ages six to nine to the world of simple machines like levers, axles and pulleys. There are 92 pages with twenty-five experiments, spread over eight chapters, that will give your young children a basis for how things work and how simple machines can and do make their lives easier. The book starts with a simple introduction, defining and discussing what exactly simple machines are, and how they work. The chapters that follow include:

  1. Simply Helpful
  2. Levers
  3. Inclined Planes
  4. Wheels and Axles
  5. Screws
  6. Wedges
  7. Pulleys
  8. Be an Inventor

The student makes a science notebook out of simple items from around the house to use to keep track of what was learned. After reading the chapter your child conducts an experiment (adult supervision may be required, depending on the child's age). Using items that are on hand like a ruler, play dough, batteries, hammer, or screws makes it easy to gather what will be needed, so that experiments can be done with little fuss.

As it does discuss some history, the book uses BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) instead of A.D. and B.C. Some families may find this problematic or prefer to simply read it using the A.D. and B.C. as appropriate.

This book would be a wonderful break from regular studies or just as an additional study for those who want to add a bit more to what their science curriculum already covers. Explore Simple Machines makes a good starting point in introducing the simple machines that make everyone's life simpler.

More Information
Available From: Nomad Press
Address: 2456 Christian Street, White River Junction, VT 05001
Phone: 802.649.1995
Other Notes:

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Sarah Bailey
I am a homeschooling mom in our second year. I am eclectic in our approach and use what works for each child. My husband and I have been married 8 year and we have 3 blessings from the Lord.
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