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U.S. History Readerís Theater


U.S. History Readerís Theater

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Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

Author: Robert Smith

Illustrator: Marilyn Goldberg

Editor: Lorin Klistoff

List Price: Softcover: $14.99, EBook $14.99

Ages: 12-14 Years

Reviewed By: Kate O'Mara

Bring history to life for your students if you want them to learn in a creative way and remember what they learned. We lit a fire for history in some hearts using this readerís theater to dramatize important events in our countryís history.

From the founding of Jamestown to Neil Armstrongís step onto the Moon, this readerís theater book offers selections from throughout the history of our great country. Even the most difficult student will be charmed by the characters, held in suspense during the dramatic scenes, and will carry with them the knowledge that history is made by people just like them.

Truly inspiring skits will delight teachers and students alike. Select from skits about: Jamestown, writing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, escaping slavery, the Battle of Gettysburg, mountain men, the first flight (Wright Brothers), a shirtwaist factory fire, child labor, the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, the Invasion of Normandy, or the Moon Landing.

Each readerís theater consists of background information needed for the actors to get into character. Pre-performance assignments include writing or re-writing the script from different points of view and additional reading about the subject. Post-performance assignments ask the readers and the audience to evaluate the lesson on different levels. Follow-up immediately after the performance helps the student internalize the lesson with questions that ask the student how they would feel if that happened to them as well as questions that verify the comprehension of the message.

To evaluate this material properly, I encouraged children of various ages from our homeschool group to participate in the readerís theater. Most scripts offer three to five parts of various lengths, which left a fair sized audience after the more outgoing children took the roles. There were copies of the script for each actor. The kids read the introduction aloud, read the script roughly the first time, better the second time, and by the third run-through, they were adding hand gestures and accents. The forth reading was the performance for the rest of the group. It was a great success.

The follow-up questions were used to lead a discussion rather than give a writing assignment. The discussion was lively and all ages participated. The most amazing thing happened at the conclusion of the discussion. Other children, even rather shy children were asking if they could act/read in the next readerís theater. It was most gratifying to see the children respond so positively towards U.S. History Readerís Theater.
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Available From: Teacher Created Resources, Inc.
Address: 6421 Industry Way, Westminster, CA 92683
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Kate O'Mara
Kate O'Mara writes about history and other fascinating tidbits from a place she lovingly calls "the dungeon." When Kate Blogs
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