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Book Image 25 Super Cool Math Board Games (Grades 3-6)
by Lorraine Hopping Egan

Get kids fired up about math with this big collection of super-cool reproducible board games that build key skills: multiplication, division, fractions, probability, estimation, mental math, and more! Each game is a snap to make and so easy to play. Add them to your classroom routine and watch those test scores soar! Content is correlated with the NCTM Standards.

Book Image Addition Unplugged
by Sara Jordan

Nine catchy songs teaching students addition facts with sums to 18. A component of self-quizzing music tracks allows students to quiz themselves.

Book Image Aunti Pasta's Fraction Game
by Learning Resources

Editorial Review
Someone's in the kitchen with Auntie Pasta, cooking up pizza-specific ways to teach younger children the basics of beginning fractions. This game for two to four players includes a spinner and a playing board with circles divided into halves, thirds, or quarters. Players receive cardboard pieces of pizza in different sizes (with corresponding numerical fractions on the back). The sections are placed on the circles during the game to create complete pizzas, with tiny cardboard pizza boxes to cover each completed pie. The game requires very little reading (just a few basic words on the spinner), and it's a good way to introduce the concepts of pie-chart fractional divisions as well as simpler fractional concepts. Adaptable for preschoolers as well as for older siblings, it's a good choice for home schoolers or family game night--with pizza for dinner, of course! --Marcie Bovetz

Book Image Continuo Game
by Maureen Hiron

Continuo is a one-rule game that's easy to learn and fun to play! The aim of the game is to build chains of colors from the 42 patterned cards. Instructions in English/Spanish/French. For 1-5 players, ages 5 to adult.

Book Image Digitz
by Educational Insights
Read our Review

Race the clock to become a Multiplication Master with Digitz the portable electronic learning aid that makes math fun! Choose from five games that reinforce important multiplication skills such as multiples (skip counting), memorization of facts, identifying factors, finding factor pairs, and sequencing. Problems appear on the LCD screen, then students press the colorful paddles with bright LED numerals to enter their answers.

Motivating lights and cool sound effects make multiplication exciting and learning effective with instant feedback. No-fail game strategy makes Digitz great for self-directed practice at school or home. Kids will want to play again and again to improve their accuracy and time, playing their way to success with math. Includes headphone jack for quiet classroom play. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included).

Book Image Dino Math Tracks Game
by Learning Resources

Editorial Review
The Dino Math Tracks game (winner of several prestigious awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal) is a race around the rainbow with a pack of pintsize, prehistoric pals. An unusual spin on a typical roll-the-dice-and-move game, it spotlights the mathematical concept of place value and gives kids reinforcement in what makes our base-10 number system tick. Each player is allotted one dinosaur for each of the four tracks (the tracks are labeled 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s). To play, a player rolls four dice to create a 4-digit number and then moves his or her prehistoric posse to the appropriate 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s places. Problem-solving strategies are honed as players scurry to get all four miniature mammoths or tiny triceratops into the dino haven, ahead of the other players' thundering herds. But look out! In the race to dino utopia, it's easy to get bumped by a baby brachiosaurus!

The Dino Math Tracks game provides multiple levels of play for a variety of ages. At the simplest level (perfect for a first-grader who knows Arabic numerals and one-to-one correspondence), kids use only the place track for the 1s. Later, cards with simple problems are introduced ("Stuck in a tar pit! Move your 10s dino back two spaces!"). At the most advanced level, players might encounter a question like this: "Your 10s dinosaur forgot its pants, so it went back 15 to get them. Then it hurried forward 25. How far did it get? Move that many." Young players will find the 2-inch, spunky vinyl dinosaur playing pieces irresistible. The game offers plenty of opportunities for friendly competition and brain bending--not to mention lots of nonthreatening practice at addition and subtraction. --Julie Ubben

Book Image Division Unplugged
Sara Jordan

Catchy melodies, drill, and student involvement make division facts with divisors to 9 very memorable. A unique thing about these songs is that each song reviews skip counting AND also reviews the times tables while teaching the division facts.

Book Image Double Shutter
by Blue Orange

Double Shutter is an enticing and irresistible game that combines tactical choices, luck and fun for the whole family. Roll two dice, add the dots and find the best combination of numbers to shut two rows of nine tiles. This game is very addictive, always remember to play in moderation!

Book Image Games
by Ivan Bulloch

Help your child have fun with math. Games is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.

Book Image Games for Learning: Ten Minutes a Day to Help Your Child Do Well in School-From Kindergarten to Third Grade
by Peggy Kaye

In Games for Learning, Peggy Kaye, renowned teacher and author, gives parents more than seventy original, entertaining, and slyly educational ways to help their children master crucial learning skills - in just ten minutes a day. The games cover all the important areas of the school curriculum from kindergarten to third grade: reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, logical thinking, even science, history, and geography. There's fun here for both parent and child alike--plus skills that will lead to success in school and enhance any youngster's self-esteem.

Book Image Great Book Of Domino Games
by Jennifer A. Kelley

Discover the fun for yourself with this complete guide to dozens of domino games, with endless variations in rules and styles of play. * Try your hand at basic blocking games, including Stretch, Doubles, Domino Pool, The Fortress, Maltese Cross, Chickenfoot, and One-Arm Joe. * Look into scoring games such as Muggins, Five-Up, Sniff, All Threes, Seven-Toed Pete, Merry-Go-Round, and Double-Header. Don't miss the trump and trick game Texas Forty-Two, and its many variations. Choose solitaire games and puzzles, such as Fair Lucy, Luzon, Polka Dots, Baronet, The Big Clock, The Buccaneer, Castle Rock, The Jubilee, Squeeze, and The Sultan. Special sets are also covered, including Double-9, Double-12 and a new Double-15 set, as well as ancient Oriental Dominoes and the latest computer games. Learn the simple basic rules, and you're off and running for hours of steely competition with friends or relaxing times alone. 96 pages, 48 b/w illus., 5 3/8 x 8 1/4.

Book Image Hi Ho Cherry-O
by Parker Brothers Teacher Review
One cherry, two cherries, three cherries, four--pick all 10 cherries from the tree and "Hi Ho! Cherry-O!" we've got a winner! For over 30 years, this classic early counting game has delighted children on the road to knowing their numbers. Two to four players choose a tree and place 10 plastic cherries in it. Spin the dial and hope for a chance to pick one to four cherries to place in the bucket. Watch out for the bird or dog--if the arrow lands on one of these, the player must return two cherries. And if the arrow should land on the picture of the spilled bucket... uh-oh! All the cherries go back on the tree! The game includes a game board with spinner, 40 cherries, and four buckets. Sure, the tiny plastic cherries will get lost and chewed on by the family dog, but replacements are available for a nominal fee. And meanwhile, players will be perfecting their counting skills! --Emilie Coulter, a freelance writer with a veritable gaggle of nieces and nephews, has worked for 13 years in children's educational curricula and literature.

Book Image Klutz Kwiz 2nd Grade Math: Deck & Gizmo
by Klutz (Editor)
Read our Review

Book Image Match'Em Game
by Jax
Read our Review

Editorial Review
Match'em is a fast and furious card game that has players testing their reflexes and mental calculators at lightning speed. Two to four players each get five game cards and play them on the special mat that's included. Players must try to match the point value of the last player's card with one or more cards from their own hands. If a player can't match the last play, he or she draws two more cards from the deck, and play continues. The first player to get rid of all of his or her cards wins the hand; win three hands and you've won the match. The rules are simple; the cards and play mat are colorful and well designed; and the frenzy of flipping cards in this clever game is addictive. --John Longenbaugh

Book Image Math Explorer, The: Games and Activities for Middle School Youth Groups
by Pat Murphy (Author), Lori Lambertson (Author), Pearl Tesler (Author), Exploratorium (Author)
Read our Review

The Math Explorer was developed by education professionals at the Exploratorium?San Francisco?s acclaimed hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception. The activities in this book apply the hands-on teaching methods that work so well in science to teaching and learning about mathematics.

This collection of carefully tested activities?games, puzzles, experiments, and projects--provides appealing opportunities for practicing a variety of mathematical skills, using easy-to-find tools and materials. From problem solving and graphing, to fractions and ratios, the activities are easy and engaging. Best of all, they make math fun.

Book Image Math FUNdamentals: Fun and Games Using Games to Teach Math
by Carrie De Francisco

The Math FUNdamentals Series uses games, literature and everyday living to introduce and reinforce basic math skills. Using these techniques, you can make math an inclusive, instead of intrusive, part of your child's everyday life. The Math FUNdamentals Series leads you and your family on a fun-filled mathematical journey!

"Fun and Games" is full of engaging games to play with your children. The games can be used to supplement your math textbook. It can be used as your math curriculum. It can be used just for fun or it can be used as a combination of all of the above.

Book Image Math War: Addition and Subtraction

Book Image Math War: Multiplication

Math war is an exciting way for children to learn their multiplication table while having fun. Players take turns laying down cards and giving the answer to the problem on their card.

Book Image Mega-fun Card-game Math: grades 3-5
by Karol Yeatts

Help students meet the math standards with 25 skill-building card games and activities! Games motivate kids to play again and again, helping them develop automaticity in computation. Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, averages, coordinate geometry, and more. Includes easy step-by-step directions and reproducible card templates.

Book Image Muggins & Knock-Out Wooden Math Games
by Old Fashioned Products

Muggins really helps you to think fast, do mathematical figuring in your head, and consider many possibilities--all great skills! A tactile delight with its 1" thick hardwood board with holes and grooves and its brightly colored glass marbles, this is a well-made, sturdy game--a good investment that will last long after all the cardboard games in their deflatable boxes have bit the dust. The object of the game is to get your marbles into a row before the other players do the same. Roll 3 dice and add, subtract, multiply, or divide the dice numbers. Then pop your marble into the hole that corresponds with your answer. Many answers are possible for each roll of the dice. Young children will like using the standard dice. A 12-sided die makes it even more challenging for older players. Because chance enters in with the roll of the dice, even the youngest player, not just the smartest, can be the winner. Recommended for ages 9-adult.

Book Image Multiplication Unplugged
Sara Jordan

Catchy melodies, drill, and student involvement make multiplication tables to twelve very memorable. A complement of self-quizzing music tracks allows students to quiz themselves.

Book Image Pirate Arithmetics
by Haba

The pirates have discovered a treasure chest! But how to divide up the booty? Very easy, the pirate, cleverest and quickest at arithmetics gets the most gold coins! The arithmetics disc shows the right result. A game collection about addition, subtraction and multiplication for 2-4 arithmetical pirates. With increasing degrees of difficulty.

Book Image Safari Rush Hour Game
by ThinkFun

This is a strategy game with a twist--if you lose, you're lunch. You've taken your trusty Safari Rover deep into the bush; now maneuver it through the maze of hungry animals and get back to camp in one piece. An 8-by-7.25-inch plastic game tray forms a kind of grid for your vehicle and the 3-D plastic animal pieces (including elephants, rhinos, and a termite mound). Draw one of 50 cards (10 of which are extra-easy, for younger players) to determine the initial board setup. Then move pieces, according to strict rules, to make your escape through the only exit. A cloth bag for all the game pieces is included. --Richard Farr Teacher Review
If you think the freeway is bad, try rush hour in the Serengeti! Although disguised as a safari trek, the Safari Rush Hour Game is, in reality, a series of logic puzzles, which encourage creative problem solving while reinforcing math skills involving sequential planning and patterning. Players must first copy the traffic problem on one of the puzzle cards. Then, using moves similar to chess, the pieces are manipulated to allow safe passage of the land rover through a savannah beset with animals, termite mounds, and wild dogs. Since the puzzle challenge cards progress from junior to expert, adults and children of different ages can play together. Since no reading (aside from the instructions) is required to play, this game is especially suited for children gifted in logic whose reading may lag behind their math skills. Preschoolers will enjoy playing with the animal pieces in creative role-play as well. Versatile and unusual, this game can be played alone or in a group. The instruction booklet also provides an informative section on the Serengeti National Park, as background for the game. Attractively packaged in a convenient cloth carry bag, this lap-size game travels well, making it ideal for long car rides or airplane excursions. --Laura Ferri, an educator for over 17 years, presently teaches drama to third through eighth graders and is the mother of a 10-year-old.

Book Image Smath
by Pressman Toy

Book Image Subtraction Unplugged
Sara Jordan

Nine catchy songs teaching basic subtraction facts with minuends to 18. A complement of self-quizzing music tracks allows students to quiz themselves.

Book Image ThinkFun Math Dice
by Think Fun

In this captivating 3D math game, players try to get closest to the target number by creating different equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, even powers. You wonít believe how much fun math can be.

Book Image Wild Planet Hyper Dash
by Wild Planet

Hyper Dash is an award-winning fast-paced race course game from Wild Planet that encourages kids to be active and think on their feet. Designed to improve listening, coordination and math skills, this exciting game is easy to set up and is an ideal way to help kids aged six and above to practice addition and subtraction while exercising and having fun.

The original game, Hyper Dash, features the Hyper Voice calling out commands. Four different levels allow the players' skills to progress. Level one includes only colors in the calls. The calls on level two are a little faster and include both colors and numbers, while level three adds special commands like "Double Strike," "Triple Strike," and "Reverse. " Level four features the "CompuStrike" call, which require kids to solve basic math problems, such as "four plus one" or "three minus two. "

In Team Dash, a special command indicates when the Hyper Dash unit should be handed off, turning the race against the clock into a relay. The games Micro Dash and Team Micro Dash set out sequences that get progressively longer and trickier, providing a challenging test of memory.

The Hyper Dash unit keeps track of times and scores, and the Hyper Voice announces the winner at the end of the game, cutting down on arguments. With only one Hyper Dash tagger, kids will have to wait their turn to play in multiple player games. This can be both a lesson in patience and an opportunity to cheer others on.

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