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Book Image 2009 Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer wall calendar
by Amy Knapp

The Essential organization and communication tool for the whole family!
- Get the whole family on the same page!
- Extra space to keep track of everyone's schedule
- Color-coded stickers show you everyone's activities at a glance
- Easily keep track of bill-paying, grocery shopping, family chores, and all the details of daily life
- Never again forget a birthday, anniversary, or other important event
- Plenty of room for scheduling appointments, dates, trips, and outings
- Keep vital medical information handy for everyone in the family
- Great tools for planning ahead for vacations, back-to-school, and holidays
- Find important phone and emergency numbers quickly

Book Image Choreganizers: The Visual Way to Organize Household Chores
by Jennifer Steward, Gregg Harris (Introduction), Sono S. Harris (Introduction)

An educational but fun system of including every child in household chores — even preschool children. Charts and chorecards for a family with three children. All Grades

Book Image Complete Guide to Home Storage, The
by The Editors of Creative Publishing international
Read our Review

Black & Decker Home Improvement Library

Book Image Creating Portfolios: A Teacher's Guide To Creating Portfolios
by Martin Kimeldorf, Martin Kimeldorf (Editor)
Read our Review

A portfolio is a powerful tool for learning, assessment, and self-discovery. In some school districts, portfolios are being mandated into the curriculum. This companion guide suggests ways to implement and evaluate portfolios at various grade levels and adapt them for students with special needs. Includes reproducibles.

Book Image Family Manager, The
by Kathy Peel

In The Family Manager, best-selling author Kathy Peel not only gives your demanding job a new title, she shows mothers how to use the same skills and strategies that successful business managers use—practical and innovative ways to get life under control.

Book Image File Solutions: Filing Made Easy - Home Filing System
by Don and Nora Donnelly
Read our Review

Book Image For The Record: A Personal Facts & Document Organizer
by Ricki Pagano

Being disorganized can sometimes prove frustrating; at other times, it can be financially and emotionally devastating. If we temporarily misplace a receipt, at worst it can be irksome. But what if your financial and medical records can t be located by relatives or guardians when you've suddenly become incapacitated? For the Record takes the worry out of what to do with all the information these folks would need in an emergency. It s for everyday life, too, for it will help you quickly locate that receipt you need. Author Ricki Pagano brings to this book her years of experience in helping others.

Book Image Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for America's Military Families
by Ellie Kay
Read our Review

Filled with actual stories of Ellie Kay’s and others’ life in the military, this encouraging book provides helpful guidance to families on active duty and insight to their extended families, friends, and churches. From her perspective as the wife of an air force pilot and mom with five school-age kids, the author includes practical ideas on how to cope with frequent moves, pre-deployment readiness, and how to stay in touch when families are separated.

Book Image Home Management 101: A Guide for Busy Parents
by Debbie Williams
Read our Review

Book Image Homeschool Curriculum Planner : High School
by Jenifer O'Leary

(binder pages w/o binder)

Book Image How to Be Organized in Spite of Yourself : Time and Space Management That Works With Your Personal Style
by Sunny Schlenger, Roberta Roesch
Read our Review

Revised and updated, this is a fabulous resource for one of the hottest topics of the last decade--getting organized! Recognizing that just one organizational system is not for everyone, the authors have devised solutions that provide ten different systems to match ten basic personality types, such as Perfectionist Plus, Hopper, Fence Sitter, Pack Rat, and Total Slob.

Book Image Literary Education, A
by Catherine Levison
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Book Description
With her two best-selling books, A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison guided many down the path to creating a successful and beneficial home school environmnet. Now she offers further guidance with A Literary Education. In this book, Catherine shares her favorite resources for many areas of homeschooling, including math, poetry, art, science, literature and more. Through detailed descriptions and age-appropriate suggestions, homeschoolers have an abundance of recommended resources to compliment their homeschools.

Book Image Making a Home : Housekeeping for Real Life
by Better Homes and Gardens
Read our Review

Learn to organize, furnish, clean, and enjoy your home by following the timesaving tips and down-to-earth advice in the new book Making a Home: Housekeeping for Real Life, from Better Homes and Gardens®.

Book Image Mom's Family Calendar 2007
by Sandra Boynton
Read our Review

What could possibly be better than twelve months of Boynton? Sixteen months! That’s right, stop the presses: the happiest, hardest-working, bestselling wall calendar now adds four full months to start in September, as a 16-month back-to-school calendar.
That’s four m
ore months of adorably goofy chickens and cows, hippos and pigs. Four more months of snuggable puppies and cute-as-a-button chicks. And four more important months to help keep the family organized. Now, beginning in September with the school year, Mom's shows where everyone is, and when, with just a glance. The ingenious grid is oversized and laid out on a vertical, with five columns across the top—one for each family member—and the days of the month reading down the lefthand side. It’s family central, with a big Boynton smile.

Book Image Neat Mom, Messie Kids: A Survival Guide
by Sandra Felton

A Survival Guide for Neat (and Not-So-Neat!) Moms

What you want is a neat house, cooperative kids, and a fair distribution of work. But what you have are kids with messy bedrooms who also leave the living areas a mess and drag their feet on doing their chores. Right?

Help is here! No, it's not maid service. Something even better! You may be naturally neat and wonder why your kids didn't inherit this tendency, or you may be not-so-neat and wonder how you can teach your kids what you don't know how to do yourself. Whichever is true for you, Neat Mom, Messie Kids will show you how to become the coach of a family organizing team and transform your house into the home of order and dignity you want.

Helpful letters from other moms, lists of related books and web sites, chore charts, and other practical tools found in this book will guide you in keeping your house organized, neat, and visitor-ready-with less effort. And with advice from Sandra Felton, the Organizer Lady, you will discover secrets to making your family a wonderful dynamic unit in ways that flow way beyond the house.

Book Image Organized Kidz: E-z Solutions for Clutter-free Living
by Debbie R. Williams, David P. Williams (Contributor)
Read our Review

Product Description Got kid clutter? Does it always seem that "organization" means YOU clean and THEY destroy? It can appear that getting yourself and your kids organized and keeping things that way is Mission Impossible. Not so! Professional organizing strategist and homeschooling mom, Debbie Williams, teaches you how you and your kids can get excited about getting organized. You'll learn quick and fun steps getting your children to help with organization and upkeep of their rooms and other rooms in the house. Keeping things neat and tidy will soon feel like a game that both you and your kids will enjoy. During the course of this book, you'll discover: · how to become an AWESOME Organizer in four easy steps · five steps to discovering more hours in your day · how to establish a creative and inviting space for your children using learning styles, paper management and so much more! When you teach your kids creative organizing solutions to contain their clutter and involve them in the organizing process, you'll be thrilled at their eagerness to keep things clean and in place.

Book Image Organizing for Dummies
by Eileen Roth, Elizabeth Miles
Read our Review

Book Description
If mountains of mail, cluttered kitchens, and messy closets sound like heaven on earth, then steer clear of Organizing For Dummies®. But if productivity, happiness, and peace of mind are the goal, then Organizing For Dummies® is the answer. Super-organizer Eileen Roth guides you through the maze of soccer schedules, miscellaneous momentos, and endless e-mail to show that everything has its place – much of which is in the trash! Roth’s Six Organizing Secrets will help you simplify life by managing your space and time at home, work, and on the road. Organizing For Dummies® will have you filing, sorting, and planning, but most of all, enjoying the life you’ve always wanted!

Book Image Put Your House in Order: Organizationl Strategies Straight from the Word
by Debbie Williams
Read our Review

Are you a Christian mother? Do you feel the stress of wearing many different hats: chef, nurse, and even teacher? Then this book was written for you!

When you choose to diligently pursue an organized life, then this book will help you get your home, office, car, kids-- your entire life in order. It’s self-paced, which means you can pick it up and put it down again and again as you have time.

Learn play-by-play instructions to help you learn new ways to manage your time, and unlearn the old habits that have kept you from being your best self.

Book Image Rolling Organizer and Saddle Bag
by memorystor

Durable plastic cart with chunky wheels for easy mobility and telescoping handle. Canvas saddle-bag type cover that can be easily added or removed from the classroom cart. Multiple storage pockets on all sides designed to hold a variety of supplies. Pockets have zippers and loop-lock closures for securing and protecting supplies and files during travel. Cart measures 16"H x 15"W x 16 1/2"D.

Book Image Small Space Survival Guide: Storage & Decorating Tips & Tricks
by Nancy Javier, Barbara Finwall
Read our Review

This new volume brings readers up to date on the latest trends and techniques to make the most of small houses, apartments, home offices, and even dorm rooms. Full-color photographs and easy-to-follow project instructions cover every angle to enhance the comfort, design, and livability of small spaces.

Book Image Thinkbin Family Calendar 2004/2005
by Susan S. Anderson, Claudia B. Browne
Read our Review

Finally, the perfect calendar to help parents control the chaos! This superbly designed wall calendar provides ample room to record all the school activities, music lessons, business trips, carpooling schedules, team practices, and vacations of even the busiest family. This Deluxe Large calendar (17"x 24" when opened) is the perfect size for families that need lots of room to write. The spacious daily blocks are divided into morning, afternoon and evening sections to help keep all the information organized and easy to read - making conflicts easy to spot. Each month features "To Do" and "Reminders" sections where you can jot down important details. The inside back cover has plenty of room for keeping track of frequently called phone numbers as well as a handy "Next Year Planner". Whether getting ready for back-to-school or the start of the New Year, this versatile 2005 calendar (that begins with August 2004) is a "must have" for every busy family.

Book Image Ultimate Homeschool Plan Book: Your Perfect Planner, The
by Penny E. Stone, A Champion Press Colaboration
Read our Review

Featuring ready-to-copy pages, this attractive planner can be used year after year after year. Simply choose which of the forms and sheets will be beneficial for you,make copies, and your set. And since you can photocopy and customize and change your planner from year to year, you will never have to purchase another! In addition to the every-imaginable worksheet and planning tool, THE ULTIMATE HOMESCHOOL PLAN BOOK features loads of articles to help guide you on your journey. You'll find article on how to schedule, how to balance your homeschool, organizing the home, budgeting your money and much more. After all we talked to hundreds of homeschoolers to find out what they wanted and needed in order to efficiently plan their homeschooling year. Then we created this planner to fill that need.

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