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We have listed a few of our favorite Bibles here. Amazon has many other Bibles available. Browse Bibles to find a Bible that suits your needs.

Book Image Beginner's Bible, The
by Karyn Henley, Dennas Davis (Illustrator)

Book Image Biblia BilinguĀe (Bilingual Bible) Precious Moments RVR 1960-NKJV
by Sam Butcher (Illustrator)
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Book Image Candle Bible for Toddlers
by Juliet David (Author), Helen Prole (Illustrator)

A great book full of Bible stories and colorful illustrations, written especially for toddlers and perfect for first-time readers.

Book Image Children's Illustrated Bible, The
by Selina Hastings, Eric Thomas (Illustrator)
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In this magnificently illustrated edition of the Bible, all the best-loved stories of both Old and New Testaments are retold for young readers by Selina Hastings. Her fluent, lively style reflects the character and majesty of the original, while vivid and finely detailed illustrations by Eric Thomas bring to life the people and places referred to in the stories. The Childrenís Illustrated Bible features the following: Color photographs of plants, animals, people, and places of the Bible lands, Maps of the lands of the Old and New Testaments, Prepared in consultation with educators and scholars, A special gift for children and a source of inspiration for the entire family

Book Image Day By Day Bible: Daily Devotions For Reading With Children
by Eira Reeves
Read our Review

The Day by Day Bible can be a great tool to help your child get in the habit of spending time with God each day. Take a few minutes each day with your child and explore this daily devotional, filled with simple-to-read texts and lively, colorful illustrations.

The readings for each day include a story that unfolds to reveal Godís purposes and plans. Get your child involved with "Talk Time," which offers straightforward questions to help your child relate the story to his or her daily experiences, and "Prayer Time," which offers simple prayers that you and your child can pray together.

Great for young families, Christian pre-school and early elementary school libraries, and church libraries!

Book Image DK Illustrated Family Bible
by Claude-Bernard Costecalde (Editor), Peter Dennis (Illustrator)
Whether you see the Bible as a literal revelation of God's word, a guide for life, or a wonderful set of stories, The DK Illustrated Family Bible --a colorful, accessible reference source---can be the cornerstone of your family's knowledge of scripture. Based on the modern English of the New International Version Bible, this stunning, lavishly illustrated 384-page book is an interpretation of the Bible rather than a complete edition. The most important stories, such as "The Tower of Babel" and "The Sower," are presented chronologically with full-color illustrations supported by helpful captions. Each story is complemented by illustrated side panels explaining key words and concepts, as well as by photographs of actual sites, artifacts, and works of art. The people of the Bible are defined in appendices for both the Old and New Testaments and throughout the text as needed. The production team for the book included advisors from different denominations, ensuring that all faiths are treated with equal respect. Jewish and Middle Eastern history and traditions are explained in context, providing a better understanding of the period and the rise of Christianity. As a reference for both youngsters and adults, this beautifully designed, thoughtfully arranged book offers a superb introduction to the basic Biblical stories and to the significance of the Bible.

Book Image Explorer's Bible for Kids, The : Explore and Live God's Word

Read our Review

Kids love adventure and exploration. Now The Explorer's Bible for Kids takes children ages 8-12 on the greatest adventure of all - a journey through the entire Bible. The Explorer's Bible for Kids is a great approach to bringing the Bible - its people, places, events, and message - into a kid's world. It's full of fascinating features that make the Bible fun to read, entertaining to learn about, and easy to understand. The Explorer's Bible for Kids makes it a pleasure for parents to guide their children through the Scriptures. Here also is a Bible curriculum for the classroom teacher as well as for the parent-teacher in the home-school setting. The teacher will quickly see that the varieties of approach are not intended merely to entertain. Rather, the material presents, in a unique form, the great truths of creation, redemption, and everyday living that Christians have always cherished.

Book Image Extreme Teen Bible
by Nkjv Translation (Editor)
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Nelson's Extreme Teen Bibleģ delivers just what teens are looking for: real answers to life's tough questions. All of the innovative study helps are geared to the teen culture--guaranteed to address the issues young people deal with every day. Forty full-page profiles tell the stories of amazing, young people in scripture who allowed God to work through them to make an impact on their world.

Book Image God's Precious Promises: New Testament Burgundy
by AMG Publishers
Read our Review

Book Image God's Precious Promises: New Testament, Black
by AMG Publishers

Book Image God's Precious Promises: New Testament, Green
by AMG Publishers

All the God's Precious Promises New Testaments are King James Version.

Book Image God's Precious Promises: New Testament, Rainbow
AMG Publishers

Book Image Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible: KJV
Spiros Zodhiates (Editor)

Hardcover edition

Book Image Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible: New American Standard
by Spiros Zodhiates (Editor)

Hardcover edition

Book Image Hendrickson Parallel Bible

Read our Review

Because Godís Word deserves serious study, this outstanding Bible helps it happen by combining the four top-selling English translations for a focused look at Scripture. KJV, NKJV, NIV and NLT.

Book Image Holman Christian Standard Bible: Red-Letter Text Edition
Broadman & Holman Publishers
Read our Review

Accurate, yet highly readable, itís a translation committed to leaving both the grace and gravity of the original languages intact while carefully creating a smooth flow of wording for the reader.

Stylistically, this inaugural edition contributes to the clarity of the written Word, arranging the poetic portions of the Scripture into complete lines of thought, and revering Godís presence on each page by capitalizing all the pronouns that refer to Him.

Book Image Holman Christian Standard Everyday With Jesus Bible

Read our Review

God has planted deep within us the desire to be complete. His Word, the sacred Scriptures, is one of the instruments He has designed and placed in our hands to make us complete and fully equipped for every good work. When we come to the Scriptures without a plan, we often gravitate to those passages that are familiar and in doing so miss out on a well balanced plan of Bible reading. This Bible will guide you through its entirety in a single year. It features interactive questions and daily devotionals.

Book Image Jesus Storybook Bible, The: Every Story Whispers His Name
by Sally Lloyd-Jones (Author), Jago (Illustrator)

Children ages 4 to 8 have a hard time grasping the concept of God. But it can be done through the person of Jesus. Told in a wonderfully inviting style, this Bible storybook shares many beloved Bible stories and reveals how the news and message of Jesus unfolds throughout Scripture, from the Old Testament all the way through the New Testament. Jesus in the Story helps readers love and appreciate Jesus and begin their own journey of faith. Beautiful 4-color artwork throughout.

Book Image Max Lucado's Hermie & Friends Bible (ICB)
by Max Lucado
Read our Review

Tommy Nelson is proud to introduce a terrific new binding style just right for kids. Your favorite Hermie and Friendsô Bible is now beautifully done in a printed soft-flex cover with turned-edge, rounded corners for child safety, and another first in the marketÖholographic foil page gilding! This is a softer more flexible binding than the hardcover, but durable enough for young children! A great new format combined with a fun Bible, the Hermie and Friends Bible includes notes and devotions from Max Lucado's adorable characters to help young children find their way through the Bible and learn of God's love and purpose for them.

Book Image My Take-Along Bible
by Alice Joyce Davidson, Capucine Mazille (Illustrator)
Read our Review

Here's a durable children's board book of carefully chosen Bible stories retold in rhyme, with scriptural references. The stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, Joseph, Moses, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus are all included. A handle on the spine makes it "handy" for children to take this book along to church or anywhere else. The colorful illustrations will delight children, and the design of the book includes cutouts.

Book Image Narrated Bible
by F. Lagard Smith
Read our Review

The Bible is arranged chronologically with added narrative descriptions interspesed with the biblical text. An excellent resource for those studying the Bible Chronologically or studying history from in the beginning.

Book Image New Testament - Wuest Translation
by Kenneth S. Wuest (Translator)

Unlike other versions of the New Testament, this translation uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force, and clarity of the Greek Text. Intended as a companion to, or commentary on, the standard translations, Wuest's "expanded translation" follows the Greek word order and especially reflects emphases and contrasts indicated by the original text.

Book Image Read-N-Grow Picture Bible
by Libby Weed

This book is out of print, but may be available used. It comes in a variety of covers. My children have spent hours and hours pouring over this book. --Beverly S. Krueger

Book Image Revolve: The Complete New Testament
by Nelson Bibles

In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Extreme for Jesus has found that the number one reason teens don't read the Bible is that it is "too big and freaky looking." This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant format!

Book Image Ryrie Study Bible; New American Standard Bible

1995 Update

Book Image Spirit Filled Life Bible for Students - NKJV


Book Image Spirit Filled Life Bible for Students -NKJV -Leather

Deepen your spiritual roots, grow in Christ, and learn to lead others to life-changing faith in Him with the Spirit-Filled Lifeģ Bible for Students! This New King James Bible helps high school and college-age students get more out of Scripture-and apply more of what they learn to daily living! The articles and study notes are simple to read and understand, helping you deepen your walk with Christ and grow as a Spirit-filled Christian.

This is the Bible I get my children when they are approximately 11 or 12 years old. BSK

Book Image Spirit-Filled Life Student Bible , NKJV
by Jack W. Hayford (Editor)


Book Image Women of Faith Devotional Bible - NKJV - Hardcover
by Patsy Clairmont (Contributor), Marilyn Meberg (Contributor), Thelma Wells (Contributor)

Book Image Women of Faith Devotional Bible - NKJV - Paperback
by Patsy Clairmont (Contributor), Marilyn Meberg (Contributor), Thelma Wells (Contributor)

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