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Book Image Dreamweaver MX 2004

Dreamweaver MX 2004 is the professional choice for building web sites and applications. It provides a powerful combination of visual layout tools, application development features, and code editing support, enabling developers and designers at every skill level to create visually appealing, standards-based sites and applications quickly. From leading support for CSS-based design to hand-coding features, Dreamweaver provides the tools professionals need in an integrated, streamlined environment. Developers can use Dreamweaver with the server technology of their choice to build powerful Internet applications that connect users to databases, web services, and legacy systems.

Book Image Dreamweaver MX for Mac
Macromedia Product Description
Build Web sites and Internet applications with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Work within one environment to easily create and manage any professional Web site, whether it's built using HTML, XHTML, XML, Web services, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, or PHP. Dreamweaver MX is a complete solution combining the visual layout tools of Dreamweaver, the Web application features of Dreamweaver UltraDev, and the code editing support of HomeSite.

The new integrated workspace shared with Macromedia Flash MX and Fireworks MX includes tabbed document windows, dockable panel groups, customizable toolbars, and integrated file browsing. Prebuilt layouts and code, including site structures, forms, accessible templates, and JavaScript functions for interactivity, allow you to get started fast. A site setup wizard helps configure site information instantly for managing dynamic sites, staged sites, or sites hosted by ISPs.

Write code faster than ever before using features like code hints, tag editors, extensible color coding, tag choosers, snippets, and code validation. Accelerate development with support for XML, including creating, editing, validating XML code, and importing XML schemas. Easily introspect XML Web services. Ensure standards compliance with default creation of XHTML output, easy conversion from standard HTML to XHTML, and increased support for CSS2.

Book Image Dreamweaver MX for MAC - Upgrade

Book Image Dreamweaver MX for PC
Macromedia Review
Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX is a topflight Web editor for dynamic sites as well as static pages. Dreamweaver's excellent visual tools generate code that works across all the leading Web browsers, winning it the respect of professionals. Its availability on the Mac as well as Windows is another strong feature for designers. The product is also extensible, with a huge range of third-party add-ons available from Macromedia's Web site, many of them free of charge. There is great support for Internet standards, including cascading style sheets, XHTML, and accessibility features. Built-in validating mechanisms make it easy to check a page, and everything is highly configurable so you can specify the standards you want to support.

This is a visual editor, which means you can create and edit a Web page by selecting items such as tables, forms, and images from a tabbed palette. The Properties panel lets you specify details such as borders, styles, and hyperlinks, and you can also use the visual editor for frames and layers. Many designers also like to edit the underlying HTML, and this is where Dreamweaver MX comes into its own. It supports either a pure code view or a split view that lets you click seamlessly between the code and visual editors. A lot of the features previously found in HomeSite, Macromedia's text-based Web editor, are now integrated into Dreamweaver, including pop-up code hints, a snippets panel that lets you keep handy pieces of code for reuse, and a tag chooser that lets you grab the right tag from a list. An O'Reilly tag reference is built in.

Dreamweaver's template support deserves special mention. Templates give you a quick start with a number of predesigned pages. In Dreamweaver MX, they can also be used to lock down areas of the page, so that contributors can create and edit a story without disturbing the design. Templates can be nested so that changes to an underlying template ripple through the pages that use it for powerful site-wide updates.

Macromedia used to market a product called Dreamweaver UltraDev, which allowed for rapid development of Web applications featuring online databases, member login, and other server-side elements. In Dreamweaver MX, this capability is built in. It has also been extended, adding support for ASP.NET and PHP as well as ColdFusion, JavaServer pages, and traditional ASP. Nonspecialists will find themselves able to build rich dynamic pages, while the integrated code editor makes this a capable development product as well. In fact, Dreamweaver MX has also replaced ColdFusion Studio as the primary development tool for ColdFusion MX. It is a uniquely flexible package.

Overall, it's hard to find fault with Dreamweaver MX. It's true that its complexity and professional features make it harder to pick up than some rival products. The abundance of panels and options can be confusing, and a high-resolution screen is required. In addition, the Studio MX products, which include Dreamweaver, are a better value for those who need more than one of the MX series. However, this takes nothing away from the excellence of Dreamweaver as the first-choice tool for professionals. --Tim Anderson

Book Image Dreamweaver MX for PC - Upgrade

Book Image Flash MX for MAC
Macromedia Product Description
Macromedia Flash MX is a software solution for developing rich Internet content and applications. The video, multimedia, and application development features allow users to create user interfaces, online advertising, e-learning courses, and enterprise application front-ends. Flash MX has a customizable, intuitive user interface with such features as panel layout, accelerator keys, and publish settings.

Timeline enhancements such as folders for organizing and accessing layered content, improved cursor feedback, and the ability to resize, cut, and paste multiple frames make it easier to use. The Property Inspector shows only relevant, context-sensitive settings when you work with tools and objects, reducing the number of panels open at any time. Select multiple objects and use the Distribute to Layers command to automatically distribute the objects to their respective layers. The new layers will be named based on the content selected.

New quick-start templates allow you to create professional-looking presentations, photo albums, advertisements, and e-learning content. Other new features include video support for any standard video file supported by QuickTime or Windows Media Player, Color Mixer enhancements, a Free Transform tool, and pixel-level snapping control. Flash MX also features a customizable ActionScript editing environment with customizable text display properties, syntax coloring, and toolbox panel content.

Note: This is an upgrade version for owners of full commercial and educational versions of Macromedia Flash 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Book Image Flash MX for MAC - Upgrade

Book Image Flash MX for PC
Macromedia Review
Since Macromedia launched Flash in 1996, it has grown into the de facto standard for development and delivery of high-impact, visually rich, interactive Web content. Flash MX promises a similar generational shift to the one experienced when Flash 5's enhanced ActionScript introduced an unprecedented degree of interactivity to the Web.

The most exciting new features in this version are those aimed at e-content developers and programmers. Integration with application servers such as ColdFusion MX and Microsoft's .NET and Internet protocols like HTML, WebTV, and WAP make it possible to deliver Flash content to a range of platforms--from PCs to PlayStations to mobile phones.

But Flash MX also offers plenty to those who aren't part of a large team of designers and programmers developing corporate sites. Novice users can take advantage of a range of prebuilt, customizable components, including scroll bars, buttons, list and combo boxes, and QuickStart templates for presentations, photo albums, ads, and more, making it possible to achieve great results quickly.

The Flash MX interface is now consistent with Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Nested layer folders and improved cursor feedback for frame adjustment make the timeline more manageable, and the context-sensitive properties panel and collapsing, dockable panels reduce screen clutter considerably. Vector drawing tools, one of Flash's weaknesses, have been largely overlooked, but there is a new Free Transform tool, which combines rotate, scale, and skew options. Video, another Flash weak spot, has fared much better with the inclusion of the Sorensen Spark video codec. Users can import a variety of formats, including MPEG, DV, and QuickTime. In addition, users can animate and script AVI and video clip objects in the same way as bit maps, even using them on a mask layer.

Flash MX is backwards-compatible with version 5 (meaning users can publish version 5 SWF files, although MX SWF files require the MX player), removing the only argument for not upgrading. Those not yet convinced of the merits of Flash need only look around. --Ken McMahon

Book Image Flash MX for PC - Upgrade

Book Image HomeSite 5.0 Commercial Upgrade

Book Image HomeSite 5.0 for PC
Macromedia Review
Formally owned by Allaire, Macromedia's HomeSite 5 is often referred to as the Web editor for hand coders. With this latest release, Macromedia proves that it is more than capable of providing this spectacular Web site editor with a very inviting new home.

If you've used HomeSite before, not much has changed regarding installation and startup. If you've never used the program before, you might want to either flip through the resourceful handbook or check out the long list of help references in the left-hand column. One topic that caught our eye was the "Learn HTML and CSS" feature, a rather in-depth tutorial for people who are just getting started with the language or who need a refresher course. These online courses take about a half-hour to complete.

For new users and old hands alike, HomeSite 5.0 offers some very compelling new features, including XHTML support. Macromedia has also worked hard to improve code validation for many languages, including HTML, JSP, CFML, and more. Checking your code for errors is as simple as hitting Shift and F6, a big improvement over the days of scrutinizing code and straining your eyes in search of missing "tr" and "td" tags. Another important improvement is the new Secondary Files tab, which lets you access multiple files at once, making it much easier and faster to incorporate remote files into your HomeSite project. In addition, Macromedia has included an Auto Backup feature, designed to save your work as often as you decide is necessary.

Macromedia's acquisition of HomeSite has also resulted in better integration with Fireworks and Dreamweaver, the company's signature Web design and development products. In addition, you can now edit files that are included within your code without having to open that file in a separate program.

The only pet peeve we have about HomeSite is this: HomeSite automatically inserts the proper end tag to correspond with whatever start tag you write. However, if you erase the start tag, HomeSite will not automatically erase the corresponding end tag, which often results in bad code. Not an earth-shattering flaw, but fixing it would be a small improvement to an otherwise outstanding product. --Gisele Toueg

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for MAC
Macromedia Product Description
Macromedia Studio MX is an integrated suite of software tools for creating rich Internet applications delivered across major platforms and devices. The collection includes Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, FreeHand, a developer edition of ColdFusion MX Server, and Flash Player 6.

Work in a familiar, customizable environment with consistent user interface elements, including color management, drawing tools, code editing, a common Property Inspector, and panel management, all making it easy to move between the applications. Create each element of the Web production process, including developing graphics, laying out HTML pages, coding application logic, building rich user interfaces, and assembling complete solutions--all in one suite.

Take advantage of drag-and-drop visual tools and components, code libraries, and extensive code editing support for developing applications using HTML, XHTML, XML, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, or PHP. Integration with ColdFusion MX gives you a fast way to develop Internet applications that incorporate Macromedia Flash. Support includes code samples and reference material to high-performance connectivity, common language support between Dreamweaver, Flash, and ColdFusion, seamless integration with Flash components, and an integrated tool set for tying backend logic with Flash user interfaces.

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for MAC - Upgrade from 1 Macromedia product

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for MAC - Upgrade from 2+ Macromedia product

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for PC
Macromedia Studio MX is the ideal bundle for professional Web designers, bringing together Dreamweaver MX for page design, Flash MX for animation and interactivity, and Fireworks MX for editing and optimizing graphics. Users also receive FreeHand 10, a full-featured vector image editor, and ColdFusion MX for dynamic Web applications. As for the quality of the individual products, Macromedia proves yet again why the company continues to earn the highest praise in its field of expertise. Dreamweaver MX is a visual Web editor that generates highly compatible code while also including useful site-management features. Flash MX is the de facto standard for Web animation, containing rich multimedia content in remarkably compact files. Fireworks is a great tool for putting the finishing touches on existing graphics, adding text effects or other elements, and optimizing the results for Web display. These three are the core Studio MX products, and the suite offers excellent value for these alone. Integration between the individual products is generally very good. It begins with the interface, which uses common elements such as dockable, collapsible panels and a dynamic property inspector, so that you can switch comfortably between products. On a technical level, the key feature is roundtrip support. You can embed Fireworks graphics and Flash movies in Dreamweaver pages without losing any information, letting you later reopen an element in its original application with all its features intact. The MX range differs from earlier Macromedia products by targeting application development as well as design. The user will need to build on a Web application server, such as the bundled ColdFusion MX or another supported platform, including ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, or any Java Enterprise Edition server. You can connect to databases through JDBC, OLE DB, or .NET data providers, depending on the server platform you're using. Dreamweaver MX is more developer-friendly than previous versions, with an enhanced code editor incorporating many of the features of HomeSite, Macromedia's code-centric Web page designer. Although ColdFusion MX has its own tag language (ColdFusion Markup Language), it generates Java code that can be deployed on any of the leading Java application servers. This also enables Java developers to extend ColdFusion with custom tags and components. In effect, the combination of Dreamweaver and ColdFusion provides an easy path into dynamic, Java-based Web development. As an alternative to ColdFusion, support for Microsoft .NET is a little less comprehensive, but still good, and includes visual designers for the key ASP.NET server-side controls. Application development is not just a matter of server-side scripting. Flash MX also has potential as a rich client, with an interface driven by embedded JavaScript. Through a technology called Flash Remoting, Flash MX offers support for Web services. The Studio bundle makes it relatively easy to set up ColdFusion to supply these services and for Flash to consume them. While it may seem strange to think of Flash as a rich client moving beyond the Web page, it does make some sense when you consider that it is cross-platform and very widely deployed. In addition, ColdFusion itself can consume Web services hosted on other platforms. Taking everything together, Studio MX is an essential development tool for ColdFusion, as well as a great bundle for any Web designer. --Tim Anderson

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for PC - Upgrade from 2+ Macromedia product

Book Image Macromedia Studio MX for PC - Upgrade from 1 Macromedia product

Book Image Microsoft FrontPage 2002
Convergence seems to be the watchword for the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Web authoring system. Every new edition becomes a bit more like the other components of the Office suite, while also increasingly tying in to related Microsoft products and services. This is vaguely threatening to users who want greater freedom to edit HTML and other code directly or who want to call all the shots on their sites' designs, but for most users the expediency of FrontPage makes these sacrifices worthwhile or even unnoticeable. With new templates and smart tools ("bots") to help create a wide range of intranet and Internet pages, version 2002 is even simpler and faster to use than its predecessors. Users can draw with PowerPoint tools, drag and drop live content, and create photo galleries with a few mouse clicks. Publishing is incredibly easy. Beginners will love the wizards, and will find Web authoring much easier than expected.

Why do so many people have problems with FrontPage? The main complaint is that the output, which tends to be flabby and difficult to parse, can't be edited by the user and is difficult to run on non-Microsoft servers. This is a problem for those who've gone beyond using wizards and templates to create their pages, but many other users are content with the results. The automatic direction to Microsoft-related services is also somewhat troubling--it would be nice, if unrealistic, for users to have easier access to the wide range of servers and e-commerce providers available.

Still, for Webbies with fairly simple needs and no desire to spend months learning the ins and outs of HTML and XML, FrontPage 2002 is most likely the way to go.--Rob Lightner

Book Image Microsoft Frontpage 2002 Upgrade

Book Image NetObjects Fusion 7
Netobjects Product Description
NetObjects Fusion 7, a complete Web design solution, combines intuitive wizards, drag-and-drop simplicity, professional-quality design, and a variety of powerful tools. It features unprecedented ease of use while providing even the most advanced Web designers with the freedom to push their limits.

Incorporating a host of new features, such as ZIP file templates, multilevel navigation bars, a digital photo gallery builder, and Website Pros' QuickTools, NetObjects Fusion 7 takes the strengths of the NetObjects Fusion product line to new heights. Ideal for the novice developer who wants to build a simple family photo album online, the program is also advanced enough for serious Web developers who wish to maintain complete control over their designs.

For anyone looking to sell products on the Web, the new PayPal e-commerce component will get you up and running in no time. This feature lets you add a Buy button to any page, configure it with the appropriate purchase info, and instantly allow users to buy your products online. Best of all, by leveraging PayPal's e-commerce services, you can take credit cards, utilize a shopping cart, and more.

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