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Book Image Abstract Design and How to Create It

Book Image Abstraction in Art and Nature

Guide to finding rich sources of abstraction in nature. Over 370 photos and other illus.

Book Image Acrylic Painting: A Complete Guide
by Wendon Blake

Comprehensive, richly illustrated survey provides step-by-step instructions for major methods (opaque, transparent, mixed-media), much more. 125 halftones. 32 color illus.

Book Image Acrylic Watercolor Painting
by Wendon Blake

Excellent step-by-step coverage of painting surfaces, colors, and mediums as well as basic techniques: washes, wet-in-wet, drybrush, scumbling, opaque, and more. 75 paintings demonstrate extraordinary variety of techniques.

Book Image Animal Drawing and Anatomy
by Edwin Noble

With this profusely illustrated guide, beginners can learn the fundamentals of animal drawing, and more experienced artists can find tips that will assist them in refining their skills. Its features include straightforward explanatory text, highlighted by 233 drawings; insights from a distinguished artist and art instructor; keys to depicting musculature, hair, feathers, and other physical features; and portraying the essentials of lifelike images--motion, pose, proportions, and character.

Book Image Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature, The
by Ken Hultgren

Former Disney animator offers expert advice, with over 700 illustrations, on drawing dogs, cats, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc.

Book Image Artistic Anatomy of Trees, The
by Rex Vicat Cole

Structure, light, shade; proportions, surface features, leaves, flowers; full, thorough text. 515 illus.

Book Image Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting
by Edgar A. Whitney

Comprehensive, popular guide by renowned artist and teacher presents a full course of watercolor painting, from basics to creating landscapes; painting portraits and figures; drawing; following design principles; and matting, framing, and selling completed works. Two 16-page full-color sections show the steps involved in creating seven of the author's own watercolors. 37 color illustrations. Over 100 illustrations.

Book Image Composition in Art
by Henry Rankin Poore

Learn principles of composition, classical and modern, through analysis of works from middle ages to present. 148 illustration, 9 in color.

Book Image Creative Color for the Oil Painter
by Wendon Blake

Richly illustrated book offers step-by-step advice on analyzing colors of nature, choosing and mixing the right pigmentation, creating effective color schemes and applying color. 148 illus.

Book Image Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators
by Ernest W. Watson

Picture plane, foreshortening and convergence, three-point perspective, other topics. Analysis of works by leading artists. 349 illus.

Book Image Drawing Outdoors
by Henry C. Pitz

How to draw every major outdoor subject—land, greenery, skies, buildings, people, cities—in all major drawing media. Many examples from the masters. Over 100 illus.

Book Image Drawing the Draped Figure: The Seven Laws of Folds
by George Brant Bridgman

A long-time instructor at New York’s Art Students League and one of the foremost teachers of figure drawing offers expert, illustrated advice on depicting draped figures as well as cloth in still lifes. Students learn the characteristics of seven different kinds of folds and how to render them, including pipe, zigzag, spiral, half-lock, diaper pattern, drop, and inert folds. Mastery of these principles is the key to realistic portrayal of garments. The straightforward, easy-to-follow text is illustrated by the author’s own pencil sketches and diagrams. 200 black-and-white illustrations.

Book Image Elements of Drawing, The
by John Ruskin, Lawrence Campbell (Designer)

Timeless classic starts with basic ideas, works through more difficult. Many practical exercises. 48 illus.

Book Image Enjoyment and Use of Color, The
by Walter Sargent

Color relationships, values, intensities; complementary colors, illumination, similar topics. Color in nature and art. 7 color plates. 29 illus.

Book Image Figure Drawing
by Richard G. Hatton

Stresses actual drawing, not just anatomy. Adult males, females, child. 100 pages on face alone. 377 illus.

Book Image Figure Drawing Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, Uldis Klavins

Thorough demonstrations of how to draw seated, standing, bending, kneeling, twisting, and crouching male and female figures, accompanied by 17 illus.

Book Image Figure Painting Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, George Passantino (Illustrator)

Easy-to-follow beginners’ guide to painting the head, torso, arm, and leg, as well as step-by-step demonstrations for painting seven female figures.

Book Image Landscape Drawing Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, Ferdinand Petrie

Judging proportions, assessing values, using drawing media; plus demonstrations for transforming cubes, cylinders, other shapes into landscape features.

Book Image Life Drawing in Charcoal
by Douglas R. Graves

Innovative method of drawing by tonal masses. Step-by-step demonstrations, over 200 illustrations, cover foreshortening, drawing the face, other aspects.

Book Image Materials and Methods of Sculpture
by Jack C. Rich

Exhaustive, profusely illustrated guide to technical aspects of sculpting in stone, metal, wood, other materials. Tools, techniques, modelling, casting, firing, much more. 281 illus.

Book Image Modelling and Sculpting Animals
by Edouard Lanteri

Thorough step-by-step guide discusses anatomy of horse, lion, and bull; methods of construction; tools, materials, etc. Also comprehensive exposition of casting in plaster. 63 full-page photographic plates. 138 drawings and diagrams.

Book Image Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure
by Edouard Lanteri

Covers modelling from casts, live models; measurements; frameworks; scale of proportions; compositions; reliefs, drapery, medals, etc. 107 full-page photographic plates. 27 other photographs. 175 drawings and diagrams.

Book Image Oil Landscapes Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, George Cherepov (Illustrator)

Beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guide features 32-page color section demonstrating use of colors in landscapes and showing development of seven varied landscape paintings by brilliant landscapist George Cherepov. Other sections offer expert advice about basic techniques, composition, lighting, special problems, more. 63 color illustrations. 54 black-and-white illustrations. Introduction.

Book Image Oil Painting Techniques
by Harold Speed

Thorough guide to techniques, tone values, color and materials, more. 64 photographs.

Book Image Oil Portraits Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, George Passantino, T. D. Harding

Planning, composing, and lighting the portrait; working with other media, and more. Over 120 illustrations act as step-by-step guides to painting a variety of ubjects.

Book Image Painting Gardens
by Norman Battershill

Expert guide for painting flower beds, landscapes, vegetable gardens, trees, much more. Magnificently illustrated.

Book Image Painting Materials: A Short Encyclopedia
by Rutherford J. Gettens, George L. Stout

Exhaustive coverage of materials, media, tools of painting through the ages; based on historical studies and laboratory. 34 illus.

Book Image Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques
by Harry Borgman

Written and beautifully illustrated by an acclaimed artist, this is the perfect guide to pencil and ink drawing. It explores materials and tools, different ways of handling strokes and lines, techniques for establishing and conveying tones and shadows, and technical tips. Other useful features include 28 step-by-step demonstrations, numerous exercises, and over 540 illustrations--portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. 256pp., including 32 in color. 474 b/w illus. 73 color illus.

Book Image Pencil Drawing
by Michael Woods

Complete first course covers basic techniques, line work, shading, tone, perspective, composition, even fixing, mounting and framing. 155 illus.

Book Image Perspective for Artists: The Practice and Theory of Perspective As Applied to Pictures With a Section Dealing With Its Application to Architecture
by Rex Vicat Cole

Depth, perspective of sky and sea, shadows, much more, not usually covered. 391 diagrams, 81 reproductions of drawings and paintings.

Book Image Perspective Made Easy
by Ernest Norling

Horizon, vanishing point, shade and shadow, much more. 256 illus.

Book Image Sculpture, Principles and Practice
by Louis, Slobodkin

Step-by-step approach to clay, plaster, metals, stone; classical and modern. 253 drawings, photos.

Book Image Texture and Detail in Watercolor
by Richard Bolton

Complete course covers paints, papers, brushes; also techniques: scratching-out, wax resist, split-brush, spattering, sponging and more. Full chapters on trees, surface textures, flowers, much else. Full-color illus.

Book Image Watercolor Landscapes Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, Claude Croney (Illustrator)

Easy-to-follow guide, with 122 illustrations, shows how to paint mountains, rocks, mist, sky, trees, other common landscape features.

Book Image Watercolor Painting Step by Step
by Wendon Blake, Claude Croney (Illustrator)

Well-illustrated guide uses stop-motion sequences of works in progress to illustrate fundamental techniques. Other topics: modeling in color; painting a variety of landscapes; special effects; scratching wet and dry color; preserving watercolors; much more. 38 b/w, 53 color illus. 8 halftones.

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