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Book Image Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets
by Betty Faust, Maria Rodale
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Book Description
Betty is a lifesaver when it comes to laundry. She believes that simple products, such as a bar of Ivory soap and a scrub brush, and low-tech approaches, such as soaking a stain before you wash, are the secrets to getting clothes clean and keeping them looking new. Betty's old-fashioned methods and six decades of washing experience make for a fun modern-day laundry room manual.

"With its extra-large load of helpful tips, Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets is a terrific guide for anyone who has tried to figure out if you're supposed to turn clothes inside out to wash them of has struggled to fold a fitted sheet. Betty's surefire methods should be a class called Laundry 101." - Katrina Beck, senior, Muhlenberg College

"With four toddlers at home, I face an ever-growing mountain of laundry. Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets has taught me how to keep clean bright, get out messy stains, and fold clothes so they won't get wrinkled. What a time-saver in a busy household!" -Laura Brown, mother of 2-year-old quadruplets, Hunter, Douglas, Stephanie, and William

Book Image Clean It Fast, Clean It Right: The Ultimate Guide to Making Absolutely Everything You Own Sparkle & Shine
by Jeff Bredenberg (Editor)
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You might be surprised to discover that this very useful, comprehensive book on cleaning is also a lively and entertaining read, filled with anecdotes and amusing stories from real people. Before launching into basic cleaning techniques, the author tackles the health effects of cleaning, decluttering one's home, techniques for cleaning room to room, and tips on how to get the best results from dry cleaners and steam cleaners. Also included is a section on the facts one needs to know about more than 60 cleaning tools and chemicals, how they work, how to buy them, and what safety precautions to take.

This book will be an indispensable asset to anyone interested in cleaning the home safely, thoroughly, and with an eye toward not poisoning yourself or the environment while doing it. Keep this one handy, as you will be referring back to it and paging through it for years to come. --Mark A. Hetts

Book Image Clutter Control: Putting Your Home on a Diet
by Jeff Campbell, The Clean Team Staff
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Book Image Deluxe Ultimate Scrubber Kit with 10 Scrubber Heads

Deluxe Ultimate Scrubber Kit with 10 Scrubber Heads The Ultimate Scrubber will make cleaning easier. Use to clean kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, laundry, tiles, automobiles, BBQ and more. Great for the bathroom, kitchen, tile, laundry, A/C vents and more! Blast away grime! Power clean everything. Power scrub super spin brush at 300 RPM. Works with all of your favorite cleaners and detergents. Use scrubber on all those hard to scrub stains, spots and spills. We feature an adjustable tilt head for easy scrubbing from any angle. Ultimate Scrubber features two speed settings for tough and delicate jobs! The heads are interchangeable for all your scrubbing tasks. Dont let its convenient size fool you. It packs a serious punch against stains! Its waterproof and easy to use. 10 Specialty brushes/heads for all your cleaning needs included: 1 x Utility brush 1 x Medium brush 1 x Fabric brush 1 x Wire brush 1 x Bottle brush 1 x Twister brush 2 x Soft Sponges 2 x Auto sponges Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Book Image iTouchless Stainless-Steel Hands-Free 13-Gallon Infrared Automatic Trash Can

The Touchless Trashcan uses patented, invisible, and harmless infrared technology. Simply place your hand or debris about six inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid. It will open instantly when you approach and will close automatically in three seconds after debris has been released and your hand moves away. The lid will remain open if debris or your hand is within the 6-inch range of the infrared sensor. There are two buttons on the front to open and close the lid manually, and a easy to reach on/off switch on the back of the trashcan.

This trashcan creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking or playing with your children. It also helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of certain illnesses and infections. Because the trashcan turns an ordinary chore into something fun, your kids will have fun throwing the trash away for you. In addition, the Touchless Trashcan outlasts most of the step-on and hand-touch cans. If you can't touch it, you can't break it! These cans have been opened 100,000 times in laboratory tests, and they're still going strong. In fact, if you open your can 20 times a day, it can last over 10 years. This could actually be the last trashcan you ever buy, which will save you money, mess, and time.

Book Image Moving Men 8-Piece Furniture Slider Set

Made of a slippery polymer with a cushioned pad on top to grip legs securely, the eight disks in this set make it easy to move furniture and appliances around the house. The disks slip under the legs of beds, sofas, bookcases, pianos, and entertainment centers so they can be slid to different places. The set comprises four large disks (7-inches in diameter) and four small disks (3-1/2 inches in diameter). The large disks are designed for large furniture and the small disks for small-legged pieces plus washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other appliances. --Fred Brack,

Book Image Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

Use this stainless steel squeegee to clean tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors, soapy shower doors, and of course, windows. The flexible blade on the squeegee can be used on curved surfaces, while the soft, comfortable handle nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand without slipping. The slim profile of the squeegee allows it to be stored neatly on the included suction cup hanger.

Book Image Sonic Scrubber Household Cleaning Tool- Orange
Sonic Scrubber

Sonic Scrubber Household Cleaning Tool Kit Heavy duty cleaning power. Power to clean faster and easier. No more hand scrubbing. Oscilating brushes for high speed back and forth scrubbing. effective for hard to reach and difficult to clean areas. Angled head prevents knuckle scrapes and broken nails. Portable and water tight for easy cleaning anywhere. Interchangeable brushes included for variety of cleaning tasks Remove tub ring dirt and scum Scrub away fabric stains and spills Clean difficult spills in or on appliances Clean stovetops Grout lines and corners Power out carpet stains Scrub pots, pans and dishes Clean spills from refrigerator shelves and so much more! Includes: Sonic Scrubber Medium bristle utility brush Firm cone brush Soft bristle brush Medium bristle large brush Four AA batteries included

Book Image Spring Cleaning
by Jeff Campbell, The Clean Team Staff
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Book Image Zwipes 6 Piece Microfiber Dusting Kit

Zwipes microfiber is a great new technology, with many applications that includes your automobile, boat, RV or motorcycle. Cleaning with microfiber products is fast, easy and environmentally friendly. It is sometimes described as having a magnetic attraction to dirt and dust. Zwipes products attract and instantly remove dust like a magnet. From Glass, stainless steel, chrome, paint, plastic, and wood you can clean with a simple rubbing motion. The miraculous fiber eliminates the need for cleaning solutions. Microfiber contains over 90,000 fibers per square inch, and is the softest and thickest of all microfibers. It is especially effective for trapping particles with static electricity, thus eliminating the need for cleaners and detergents. It is designed to adhere to a surface, literally clinging to grease, oils and film. Kit contents include: (1) Exterior Folding Duster, (1) Interior Folding Duster, (1) Interior Detail Dusting Mitt, (1) 3-Pack of Cleaning Cloths.

Book Image Zwipes 7 Piece Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Kit contents include: (1) Detail Dusting Mitt, (1) Side Scrubber Sponge, (1) 3-Pack of Cleaning Cloths, (1) 2-Pack Windshield & Glass Cloth.

Book Image Zwipes Microfiber 12 Pack of Cleaning Cloths

Use these to clean your bathroom mirrors, kitchen counters, windows...truly terrific.
* Lint-free, streak-free clean-ups
* Non-Abrasive: Won’t scratch paint or clear coat
* Cleans without chemicals
* Absorbs eight times its own weight
* Machine washable

Book Image Zwipes Microfiber 36 Pack of Cleaning Cloths

Just like the 12-pack, only more cloths for more cleaning.

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