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Book Image 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity, The
by Alex Mcfarland (Author)
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Society today has a growing number of objections and concerns regarding Christianity. Why does a loving God let bad things happen? Would God really send someone to hell? And why is Christianity right and other religions are in error? Many Christians hear objections to Christianity and have a crisis of faith. Enter Alex McFarland, a seasoned apologist who is ready to explore 10 common objections to Christianity. He offers straight answers that will give them confidence and understanding about their beliefs. After reading this book, all Christians will know how to effectively answer the most common objections to Christianity, why they believe what they believe and be prepared to defend their faith and worldview.

Book Image Cambridge Illustrated History of Religions, he
by John Bowker (Editor)

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Religions provides a comprehensive survey of world religions from pre-history to the present day. Each religion is treated in depth, with text written by an acknowledged academic expert supported by lavish illustration. Images have been carefully chosen to complement the text. There are special box features and spreads. The religions covered include Jainism, Chinese and Japanese religions, Hindu religions, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, along with smaller sections on Zoroaster and Parsis, Greece and Rome, Egypt and Mesopotamia, aboriginal religions, Shamanism, and modern religions such as Bahai. The book includes a substantial bibliography, a full chronology for each section, a general chronology giving the most significant dates from all religions, and information on religious phenomena such as festivals and calendars. This is an authoritative reference book in an attractive format which will appeal equally to students of religion, teachers, and general interested readers.

Book Image Compact Guide to World Religions, The
by Dean C. Halverson.

Succinct, easy-to-read sections provide a fascinating guide to the world's major religions—including each faith's origins, basic beliefs, and Christian evangelistic obstacles and opportunities. Comparison charts and a bibliography present additional information and opportunities for further study.

Book Image Eerdmans' Handbook to the World's Religions
by R. Pierce Beaver (Editor), Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co, Eerdmans

Since its release in 1982, Eerdmans Handbook to the World's Religions has sold more than 240,000 copies in ten different languages. Now thoroughly revised and updated, this comprehensive guide traces the world's religions from the earliest forms of worship to the present day. Articles by more than 50 specialists clearly and objectively describe each faith along with its history, scriptures, worship, beliefs, and practices. Covered are the ancient religions of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the primal religions, and the living religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsis, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The book includes more than 200 photographs (100 in full color), helpful maps and charts, and a handy "Rapid Fact Finder" glossary for quick reference to 1,100 entries. This edition includes significant revisions and expansions of the articles covering Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and an entirely new section on religion in today's world.

Book Image Handbook of Today's Religions
by Josh McDowell, Don Douglas Stewart

Don't rely on news stories or a one-sided defense of cults, the occult, or secular and non-Christian religions. This handbook provides authoritative, evangelical perspectives on alternative religions. It includes thorough, accurate information for analyzing and measuring these groups' claims and beliefs against God's Word.

Book Image History of the Jews, A
by Paul M. Johnson
Paul Johnson says that writing A History of the Jews was like writing a history of the world "seen from the viewpoint of a learned and intelligent victim." Johnson's history begins with the Bible and ends with the establishment of the State of Israel. Throughout, Johnson's history is driven by a philosophical interest: "The Jews," he writes, "stand right at the centre of the perennial attempt to give human life the dignity of a purpose. Does their own history suggest that such attempts are worth making? Or does it reveal their essential futility?" Johnson's history is lucid, thorough, and--as one would expect of almost any project with such a broad scope--a little wrong-headed. By the end of the book, readers will be grateful for Johnson's questioning of the Jews' confidence in their cosmic significance. However, readers may also be a little annoyed by his energetic inquiries as to whether this significance was man-made or providentially provided. Either way, it's a given: for a historian of Israel, this should adequately settle the question. Johnson's 600-page history is probably the best we've got by a living gentile--which is no small accomplishment at all. --Michael Joseph Gross

Book Image Illustrated Guide to World Religions
by Dean Halverson
Read our Review

With the world at America’s doorstep, today’s Christians need to understand the beliefs of their neighbors, who represent many ethnic groups and religions. This book presents the evangelistic challenges and opportunities of the world’s leading religions in a colorful graphic format. It prepares Christians to answer the questions "Is Jesus the only way to God?" and "How can we know the Bible is the Word of God?" Ideal for teachers, pastors, and lay Christians who want to witness to their friends and colleagues.

Book Image Inside the Kingdom : My Life in Saudi Arabia
by Carmen Bin Ladin
Read our Review

Osama bin Laden's former sister-in-law provides a penetrating, unusually inti- mate look into Saudi soci-ety and the bin Laden family's role within it, as well as the treatment of Saudi women. On September 11th, 2001, Carmen bin Ladin heard the news that the Twin Towers had been struck. She instinctively knew that her ex-brother-in-law was involved in these hor-rifying acts of terrorism, and her heart went out to America. She also knew that her life and the lives of her family would never be the same again. Carmen bin Ladin, half Swiss and half Persian, married into-and later divorced from-the bin Laden family and found herself inside a complex and vast clan, part of a society that she neither knew nor understood. Her story takes us inside the bin Laden family and one of the most powerful, secretive, and repressed kingdoms in the world.

Book Image New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, The
by Josh McDowell Bestselling author and Christian apologist Josh McDowell hopes The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict will further document historical evidence of the Christian faith. As such, it is a straightforward compilation of notes prepared for his lecture series, "Christianity: Hoax or History?" The entire book (over 750 pages) is laid out in outline form, which makes it easier for researchers, scholars, and students to access. As a result, this is not reflective fireside reading. Rather, it is a tool for locating supporting "evidence" whenever the need arises. Part I addresses the trustworthiness of the Bible; Part II offers historical evidence and supporting attestations for Jesus' claim to God; Part III addresses "radical Christian criticism" of the Bible; Part IV is devoted to quelling the voice of numerous skeptics, including "a defense for the existence of miracles" and "answers to divergent worldview."

Book Image So What's the Difference?
by Fritz Ridenour

So What's the Difference has been revised and updated for the 21st Century to help Christians better understand their own beliefs. A classic first released in 1967, this revision takes a current look at the answer to the question, "How does orthodox biblical Christianity differ from other faiths?" In a straightforward, non-critical comparison, Fritz Ridenour explores and explains the basic tenets of 20 worldviews, religions and faiths, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, New Age and Mormonism.

Book Image Thinking Like a Christian: Understanding and Living a Biblical Worldview: Teaching Textbook
by David Noebel, Chuck Edwards (Contributor)
Read our Review

Surveys reveal that a majority of Christian young people walk away from Christ after four years of a university education. Why? Because they are no prepared to defend their faith in a world that, in most cases, presents ideas contrary to their biblical beliefs. This 12-week curriculum, interactive study takes students on a journey into the world of ideas that are shaping our culture while teaching them biblical responses. Created for use in homeschools, Christian schools, Sunday school, youth groups and colleges, this one-of-a-kind study lays the groundwork in the 10 disciplines: Theology, Philosophy, Biology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics, and History.

The Student Journal encourages students to spend time daily interacting with the ideas gleaned from each teaching session.

Book Image True for You, but Not for Me: Deflating the Slogans That Leave Christians Speechless
by Paul Copan

Answers to Today’s Toughest Faith Questions
"Well, that may be true for you, but it’s not for me" is the rallying cry of our culture. It’s one of many popular sayings put forward with no evidence:
"All religions lead to God."
"Who are you to judge others?"
"Jesus was just another great religious leader."
"Christians are so intolerant."

Most Christians are left grasping for a response, and the conversation moves on without them. "True for You, But Not for Me" is a ready-reference handbook for answering our culture’s latest objections to Christianity. It features:

  • Brief answers to each argument
  • Readable explanations on each subject
  • Helpful introductory material to sets of similar anti-Christian slogans
  • Study questions for individual or group use

Book Image Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth
by David A. Noebel

A comprehensive guide to the most popular worldviews of our day: secular humanism, Marxism/Leninism, and the New Age movement. These worldviews are then compared to biblical Christianity.

Book Image Usborne Book of World Religions, The

Book Image What We Can't Not Know: A Guide
by J. Budziszewski

J. Budziszewski’s newest book is about the lost world of common truths—about what we all really know about right and wrong.

We are passing through an eerie phase of history. The things that everyone really knows are treated as unheard of, and the principles of decency are attacked as indecent. Exposing the emptiness of contemporary moral fashions, Budziszewski explores the rules of human conduct that we can’t not know.

Budziszewski’s purpose is to "bolster the confidence of plain people in the rational foundations of their common moral sense." There are certain moral truths—"as real as arithmetic"—that are part of the equipment of a rational mind. He describes the basic principles of morality known to all men, explains why those principles are under attack, and demonstrates that we do in fact know what we think we know.

Addressing "the persuaded, the half-persuaded, and the wish-I-were-persuaded," Budziszewski shows Protestants, Catholics, and Jews the unanimity of their traditions on the common truths. And what about the unpersuaded, those who deny the reality of a moral law? They are on the other side of a dispute over the basic norms for human life. Civility, Budziszewski insists, does not require denying the unprecedented gulf between the two sides. What’s needed are both charity and clarity, which Budziszewski provides in abundance.

"A few times in a generation, if we are fortunate, moral intelligence finds a voice as lucid, engaging, and relentless as that of J. Budziszewski," says Richard John Neuhaus, publisher of First Things.

Book Image Why I Am a Christian
by John Stott

Why Jesus? Perhaps you're intrigued with what you have heard about Jesus Christ. Or you might have had the funny feeling that God wants to get your attention. Or maybe you're simply looking for meaning and direction in your life.

John Stott has spent a lifetime wrestling with questions about Jesus both personally and in dialogue with skeptics and seekers around the globe. Now in Why I Am a Christian he provides a compelling, persuasive case for considering the Christian faith. If we take an honest look at Jesus, we will discover that following him gives us the purpose, identity and freedom we've been searching for--and far more than we had ever imagined.

Book Image Wicca's Charm : Understanding the Spiritual Hunger Behind the Rise of Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality
by Catherine Sanders

Hundreds of thousands of people practice Wicca and other forms of modern Pagan spirituality in America today, and journalist Catherine Edwards Sanders wanted to understand why such belief systems are rapidly attracting followers. When a routine magazine assignment led her to realize that her stereotype of Wiccans as eccentric spiritual outsiders was embarrassingly misinformed, her curiosity compelled her to understand the Wiccan mystique. With the support of a journalism fellowship, Sanders spent a year interviewing neo-Pagans and witches and found that the lure of this emerging spirituality was not the occult, but rather a search for meaning in an increasingly fragmented and materialistic culture.

With keen observation, challenging insight, and compassionate critique, Sanders produces a lively narrative about what she experienced and discovered during her travels: Halloween rituals in Salem, anti-globalization protests in New York, and the contrasts between what seekers find in neo-Paganism that they perceive as lacking in Christian tradition. In Wicca’s Charm, Sanders explains the powerful attraction of an increasingly mainstream spirituality that celebrates the wonder of creation and the life-giving energy of women while also exploring why Christian churches often fail to engage these seekers, but how they can learn to tap into the deep roots of Christianity to nourish the hunger of so many who seek a holistic and authentic worship experience.

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