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Book Image Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow. : Homeschooling and the Curriculum of Love
by David H. Albert

"Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow." Education is just not so complicated! Gently and passionately, homeschooling advocate David H. Albert insists that the curriculum of love is not about externals. It is about what is essential in each individual human being, and in every child. Its code words are communication, inquisitiveness, acceptance, joy, honesty, and courage. It demands that we assist our children in seeking to embrace a world that is their own, and prepared to render up her secrets. It is about surprises, unveilings, moments of spontaneous recognition, journeys completed and new ones waiting to be undertaken. Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow. is a powerful, humorous, fearless, and thoroughly appealing approach to learning that relies on what everyone knows but few have the courage to act upon: love and freedom are the cornerstones of any education worthy of the name.

Book Image Haystack Full of Needles, A Catholic Home Educator's Guide to Socialization
by Alice Gunther

Most of us at one time or another have had to wrestle with the issue of socialization, either when dealing with friends and family members who question our decision to home educate, or when in our own hearts we worry about our children's hopes for friendship. In this book Alice shows that "Socialization is not the weakness of home education it is its strength and joy." Alice chronicles her own path from skepticism about home educating's ability to provide sufficient social experiences for her children, to the flowering of a local home school group that provides its members with meaningful social experiences within the context of home educating. Full of examples and practical suggestions, this will be an extremely uplifting addition to your cache of home education resources.

Book Image Heart of Home Schooling, The
by Christopher J. Klicka

Book Image Help for the Harried Homeschooler : A Practical Guide to Balancing Your Child's Education With the Rest of Your Life
by Christine M. Field
Read our Review

Homeschooling moms and dads can be overwhelmed by the demands on their time. Between their children?s educational needs; their roles as spouse, parent, and more; and their own individual desires and goals, these mothers and fathers struggle to accomplish all that must be done. In Help for the Harried Homeschooler, experienced homeschooler, author, and mother of four Christine Field offers sound advice for parents who want not only to achieve homeschooling success but also to reach a balance in their lives.

Book Image Help! I'm Married to a Homeschooling Mom: Showing Dads How to Meet the Needs of Their Homeschooling Wives
by Todd Wilson
Read our Review

A practical, how-to-book for dads that will show you how to be your homeschooling wife's leader, encourager, helper, listener, and more. Short, quick-reading chapters and hilarious cartoons will guide you through the process of learning how to support your home-schooling wife.
Due to be released April 2004.

Book Image Heroes of the Faith: The Lives of Four Christians Whose Examples Offer Hope and Encouragement for Homeschool Families
by Diana Waring.

Book Image High School Handbook : For Junior High, Too, The
Mary Schofield

Book Image Home Educating our Autistic Spectrum Children: Paths are Made by Walking
by Kitt Cowlishaw, Terri Dowty

School can be a nightmare for children on the autistic spectrum. Far from learning social skills at school, they may find themselves in a hostile environment where they suffer teasing, bullying, and social isolation. Homeschooling can provide a positive - and workable - alternative. In this sympathetic and readable book, parents who homeschool their children with autism or Asperger Syndrome tell their personal stories: how they reached the decision to educate at home, how they set about the task, and how it changed their children's lives. A chapter on getting started answers frequently asked questions about teaching materials, curricula and socialization.

Book Image Home Education Resource Guide (4th Ed)
by Cheryl Gorder, Don Home

Book Image Home Education: Rights and Reasons
John W. Whitehead, Alexis Irene Crow.

This all-encompassing work examines such timely home education issues as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, privacy rights, teacher certification requirements, and compulsory attendance statutes. Readers will find practical guidelines for effective lobbying, plus the current legislative status of every home schooling program in every U.S.

Book Image Home Learning Year by Year : How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School
by Rebecca Rupp.
Read our Review

Finally, homeschoolers have a comprehensive guide to designing a homeschool curriculum, from one of the country's foremost homeschooling experts. , Rebecca Rupp presents a structured plan to ensure that your children will learn what they need to know when they need to know it, from preschool through high school. Based on the traditional pre-K through 12th-grade structure, Home Learning Year by Year features:

* The integral subjects to be covered within each grade
* Standards for knowledge that should be acquired by your child at each level
* Recommended books to use as texts for every subject
* Guidelines for the importance of each topic: which knowledge is essential and which is best for more expansive study based on your child's personal interests
* Suggestions for how to sensitively approach less academic subjects, such as sex education and physical fitness

Book Image Home School Heroes: The Struggle & Triumph of Home Schooling in America
by Christopher Klicka
Read our Review

Home School Heroes: The Struggle & Triumph of Home Schooling in America covers the history of the modern homeschool movement, with many stories of God’s faithfulness to homeschool families fighting in court for the right to educate their children. It is a book that can be read by older kids and adults alike to give them an appreciation for all the sacrifices of homeschool families to win the freedom we enjoy today. Home School Heroes concludes with a call to readers to always remain vigilant and active in protecting our precious freedom to teach our children in God’s ways.

Book Image Home School Manual 7th Edition, The
by Theodore Wade Jr.
Read our Review

If you want to sharpen your home teaching skills in particular subjects or methods, find a support group or teaching materials, or if you you simply want to decide intelligently for or against home schooling, this book is for you. You will find it practical and easy to read. By Theodore E. Wade, Jr., Ph.D. plus 44 other experts. 62 chapters, 26 resource sections and 17 forms to copy.

Book Image Home School Organizer, The
by Greg Harris

This high-quality, three-ring binder has all the forms you need to organize and keep track of the details of you home school. It will save you countless hours in lesson planning and record keeping. In fact, The Home School Organizer is integrated so that you never have to write anything more than once. No more transferring information from one form to another. Forms include a Repeating Weekly Schedule, Weekly Lesson Plans, Grades & Attendance by Subjuct, Health Records, Daily Checklist, Reading List, Support Group Records, and much more. What's more, The Home School Organizer meets the record keeping requirements in every state.

Book Image Home School Source Book, The
by Donn Reed

This time-tested reference contains everything needed to create a successful school at home and provides information on where to get the very best materials available. Everything from philosophy and technique to resources for creating lesson plans and learning aids-many of them free-can be found or accessed using the thorough references provided. Personal essays pepper the pages with humor, understanding, and firsthand know-how so parents are supplied with the support they need from the day they first consider home education until they send their child off to college. Also included are resources for adult learners of all levels. Sections on each school subject are paired with sections on how to conquer and enjoy the day-to-day process of learning at home.

Book Image Home School Source Book, The 4th Edition
by Donn Reed, Jean Reed

This comprehensive resource for homeschoolers blends how-to essays from parents who have successfully homeschooled their children with a useful catalog and directory. Creative resources for constructing exercises and lessons for every age group are provided with tips for teaching special-needs children. Many of the most prominent homeschool resources are reviewed including games, kits, globes, hands-on learning projects, and books for all standard curricula. This work also provides an extensive collection of free resources useful for teachers or parents supplementing public education at all learning levels.

Book Image Home School, High School, & Beyond : A Time Management, Career Exploration, Organizational & Study Skills Course (w/CD-ROM)
by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon, Angelina J. Cavanaugh (Illustrator)
Read our Review

4th Edition

Book Image Home School: Taking the First Step
Borg Hendrickson

Home School: Taking the First Step is a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful home-schooling parent and family. Now in its 12th printing, the book's 337 pages in 7 x 10 format addresses all aspects of this rapidly growing educational movement - from frequently asked questions to creating a home-school plan that will meet any state or local requirements; from state regulations and procedures to teaching methods and approaches. Lesson planning, curricula and materials, record keeping, sources of support, readings and resources - all are included in this thorough guide. Most importantly, the book shows you how to create for your children a loving and supportive educational environment, socialize them for healthy learning and ethical living, ensure that their individual needs are consistently met, enhance their self esteem, and motivate them to love learning throughout their lifetimes. No book has more clearly and comprehensively laid the route to the home-sch! ool alternative.

Book Image Home Sweet Home-School: A Survivor's Guide to Giving Your Kids a Quality Education
by Sue Maakestad

In the past decade, the number of parents homeschooling their children has been on the rise. Maakestad, a parent who has homeschooled her eight children, offers a perfect mixture of encouragement and practical tips for parents who are homeschooling and for those who want to homeschool.

Book Image Homeschool Curriculum Planner : High School
by Jenifer O'Leary

(binder pages w/o binder)

Book Image Homeschool Open House
by Nancy Lande
Read our Review

Personal insights from 55 families worldwide about a real day of homeschooling. Includes homeschool illusions, family culture, learning and family style, parenting strategies, chores and organization, family management, personal empowerment, decision making, change flexibility, resources, and questions to consider before deciding to homeschool. A private tour of homeschooling homes and reflective thoughts from families. Also includes five year follow-ups from families in HOMESCHOOLING: A PATCHWORK OF DAYS.

Book Image Homeschool Reader: 1984-1994, The
by Helen Hegener (Editor)

This book presents an outstanding selection of important articles from the first ten years of Home Education Magazine: 1984 through 1994. The writers featured here encompass a broad spectrum of homeschooling approaches and ideologies, and the format covers everything from the basics of homeschooling through the philosophical reasons why families choose this option. The Homeschool Reader showcases the history of this important educational approach and gives perspective to the future of the homeschooling movement.

Book Image Homeschool Resource & Supply Manual, The
by Ron Groll

Book Image Homeschool Your Child for Free
by LauraMaery Gold, Joan M. Zielinski.

The majority of homeschoolers are single-income families who consequently look for simple, inexpensive resources to use in teaching their children. While the Internet is an excellent resource, it is also rife with links to educational materials that too often lead to pages of dubious value, commercial products, or more links to more links to more links. Homeschool Your Child for Free breaks this cycle of frustration. Inside you will find hundreds of free resources that truly deliver. Laura Maery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski share the best sites for everything from reading-readiness activities for preschoolers to science projects for teens.

Book Image Homeschool Your Child for Free: More Than 1,400 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Educating Your Family at Home
by LauraMaery Gold (Author), Joan M. Zielinski (Author)

Introduced in 2000, Homeschool Your Child for Free gave countless parents the plan and peace of mind to get their kids’ education on the right track. Now, authors LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski have revised and updated their popular guide, offering their expert homeschooling advice and information, plus new tools and resources to help you and your child succeed:
• Complete curriculum plans for a comprehensive education, from preschool through high school
• Where to find free online courses; NEW!
• Ways to partner with public schools; NEW!

• Legal guidelines and compliance requirements for home educators • Keys to graduating a homeschooler; NEW!
• Developing personal finance management and life skills; NEW!
• Teaching tips and motivators from successful homeschoolers
• Career and vocational guidance; NEW!

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